Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bat Shot Crazy.

This morning as I was walking into city hall in Lenoir, NC, I happened to look down at the sidewalk. There on the sidewalk was a familiar looking shape. Down on the ground at my feet was a dead bat. At least I thought it was dead. It's not everyday (especially during the daylight) that you see a bat just laying on the sidewalk. I bent down for a closer look. He opened his mouth at me!

An alive bat, just hanging out on the sidewalk? I then deduced that he must have flown into the side of the building, and was stunned. That or he blew into the building. Lenoir was quite windy this April morning.

I bent down and took a picture with my camera phone, as it was all I had with me. I thought I had a better angle but here it is:

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Okay that's a terrible picture but it is what it is.

I told someone at city hall about the bat and they told the street sweeper, who was going to move it somewhere out of the sidewalk. He bent down, put his hands around the bat when all of a sudden it HISSED at him and tried to fly up to his neck! Can you imagine how high the guy probably jumped!? HA! Then the little bat flew away. Apparently he was just stunned and has found his way again. Poor little guy. :) I'm glad he was okay (the bat, not the sweeper).

In other news, whoever hasn't seen the Alanis Morissette version of the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" song, please dear God click here and watch how awesome.


Katie said...

awwwe... poor little bat. I'm glad he's okay too. That's crazy.

Sam said...

Wow, what time were you going into work? Was it just after dawn or something? That is so weird.

Nothing beats the time I was leaving work at my old job and I saw a copperhead coiled up next to the door outside out building. I didn't have a camera phone then, so I couldn't get a picture.

Btw, that Alanis Morissette video is funny as hell, but the song is still horrible. I guess that just proves no matter who you are, you can't polish a turd.

Allison said...

this was about 8:45 am this morning.

A copperhead? in charlotte? freaky.

yea. yea.

Sam said...

Yep, it’s rare to see them in cities, but this was definitely a copperhead. This is probably more than you ever cared to know, but a lot of people mistake brown snakes for copperheads around here. You can tell the difference by looking at their eyes. Copperheads have slit pupils like a cat and brown snakes have rounded pupils like a person. Actually, all venomous snakes in the US have slit pupils except for the coral snake, so keep that in mind if you ever run across one.

And that concludes our lesson on venomous snakes for today, hahaha.

Joan said...

The video was funny. I like a few of the Black Eyed Peas older songs but thought they really took a turn with My Humps. It is so silly.

Marie said...

Great thinking to use your camera phone to capture the bat, digitally that is. And, love the Alanis parody. Thanks for the link to it.