Monday, April 09, 2007

i love google.

And I LOVE my Google homepage. It's so pretty!

You can click on it to see it big.

This weekend is my brother's wedding and Jared is finally confirmed to be coming with me! Yay! Now I get to show off my man in front of all of my brother's butthole friends who were mean to me growing up. Now I get to laugh in their face and say "Look, I'm a successful woman who has a college degree, a real job, my own home, and the finest piece of manmeat this side of the Mississippi."

Or at least that's what I'll feel like. This is so exciting!!

Tomorrow night I get to go to my first Crawdad's baseball game of the season! Yippee! This will be a good week.


Sam said...

Wait, don't you mean second hottest piece of manmeat this side of the mississippi? My friend Mike Jacobs is way hotter, sorry. ;)

I hope you have fun at the wedding!

Allison said...

haha um... ok...

joan said...

You didn't ask Johnny Depp to the wedding as your first choice, did ya?

Allison said...

yes, but alas, johnny is unfortunately in the middle of filming sweeney todd and that meanie boss tim burton wouldn't let him take the weekend off to be with his girlfriend. so i had to settle on my other bf, jared.
oh well.