Monday, April 02, 2007

Getting Ready..

My brother Alan is getting married on April 14th. It is his third wedding, and most likely his last. He and Wendy have known each other since middle school (early 1990's) but have only been dating for 10 or so months. They seem to fit together really well though. They are more open with each other than I can even imagine being with Jared. But I guess knowing each other for more than 10 years will do that to you.

I am in the wedding, a bridesmaid. This would be my fourth bridesmaid venture. My others include my oldest brother's (divorced), my mother's (will probably be divorced within a year) and Carmen's (divorced) weddings. Maybe I'm bad luck, but I hope not.

Jared is going to be my date, hopefully. The brush is getting a new General Manager this week and his schedule for this month has not been made yet. Saturdays are the busiest days of the week and generally they would like to have 2 managers present just in case. If Jared goes to my brother's wedding with me, there won't be an extra manager. I'm just hoping our new manager is cool and that she will understand that if I have to go to my brother's wedding without my date, I will most likely cry. Damn it. Nothing is sadder than dancing alone at a wedding.


On the bright side, Wendy's friend Holly is going to do my hair for the wedding. Every other wedding I was in, I had to do my own hair. I've only had someone else fix my hair once before, for my senior prom. It's going to look awesome. Yesterday I drove down to Kannapolis so she could try out a little somethin' to do to my "perfectly virgin hair". Apparently since I never dye my hair and it's really long and thick, it's easy to mess around with. Yippee!

Here is a preview that I took with my cameraphone. You can't really tell, but there is an awesome boufant like bump on the back of my head containing half of my hair!


Sam said...

That picture is frickin' hot.

Katie said...

Pretty waves! At least you won't be dancing alone and single. :)

Joan said...

I'm sure you will look beautiful. Take a lot of pictures. I've been in 5 weddings. Only 1 has ended in divorce so far. I told my brother I didn't want to be in his wedding mainly because I'm 15 years older than his young bride to be. Did you feel my presence in Hickory Friday night?