Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad News

I almost had to kick Jared out last week. He had already moved everything in, and we were slowly putting things away in places. On my footstool, after moving some towels and such, I found Jared's CDs. In a panic, I rifled through the pages of CDs looking for what I hoped he had left out. Passing through Tantric and Shinedown, I finally found what I had not been hoping to find:

I almost had to kick jared out.

Yes, that's right, a Creed CD. *Shudder*

A few months ago after I had expressed my deep dislike for the band Creed, Jared quietly confessed to me his deepest secret, that he owned a Creed CD. It took a lot of work, emotionally and physically to still accept him and love him, but I got over it and I warned him never to bring it into our house.

And then he did.

At first I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I told him he was evil for doing it. I had a genius plan to get Beefcake to poo on it. That didn't work out because after a minute I got tired of holding Beefcake there. After several attempts to get rid of it, I've finally accepted that it is there. I am okay with it, as long as he never, ever plays it on any CD player in the house. Or in my car.. ew.

The fact is, he doesn't like them anymore, and he is embarrassed he still has it in there. I guess everyone has embarrassing CDs left over from long ago.

Here are some I found rifling through my CDs:

-Coneheads movie soundtrack (come on, who doesn't love Tainted Love by Soft Cell?)

-Insane Clown Posse (they were pretty funny... 10 years ago..)

-Limp Bizkit (to be fair, it was a gift and I've never listened to the whole CD)

-Marilyn Manson Remix & Repeat (uh, I don't know)

-Savage Garden (That guy was kind of hot.)

-The Prodigy Experience (um, it was, um... free?)

and the most embarrassing
-N*Sync's Girlfriend, the Remix featuring Nelly (I didn't include No Strings Attached on this list because it is a great CD and I will defend that to the death)

These are pretty bad. Hey, at least I don't have Hanson's MMmBop. .... .. anymore.....

What are your embarrassing CDs?


Sam said...

I hate to admit it, but I own 2 Creed CD's. Yes, it's true... I'm so ashamed! I got them for free from one of those music clubs years ago. I don't know what possessed me to order them... I guess I couldn't find any other CD's I liked.

A funny side note to that story is that about a year ago I tried to sell them to a local music store and they wouldn't even take them. And this place will take ANYTHING! But apparently not creed. I laughed when the lady looked at me funny and handed me those 2 CD's back.

Before you go making fun of me, remember who owns all that green day!

Joan said...

The Conehead soundtrack has a great Chili Peppers song on it I think. Did I ever mention we were at a music festival where Creed was the big, last act and we left during their performance?
David has one from a group called Deadeye Dick ?? - 'haven't listened to it. We did have 2 Backstreet Boys cd but they've disappeared. I took Stephen to their concert when he was in 1st grade. We had 5th row seats. Now he denies it ever took place.

Stephen said...

Can you take me higher?

Allison said...

Sam, you never told me this, i don't know what to say now.. i was able to forgive jared only because he gives me the sweet sweet lovin. but how am i to forgive you? (j/k)

and the green day isn't even on the same level as Creed.

Joan-yea the coneheads soundtrack has Soul to Squeeze which is one of the only Chili Peppers songs i like.
you'll have to blog about the music fest with Creed. that's funny about the backstreet boys.

stephen-bite me.

Katie said...

LOVE Savage Garden! And yes, he is super hot. I have the complete N'Sync collection, and I too will defend that. I also have way too many Britney Spears cds, but I do heart (pre k-fed) Britney. I also have Wham!'s Greatest hits. :) My most embarassing one though? That would be Sabrina the Teenage Witch Soundtrack....

Sam said...

hahahaha... I had a good response to that, but I'm not even gonna go there.

Stacey said...

creed? oy vey.
i remember when that one song came out and people thought they were all clever to figure out it was about a pregnant chick.

i've got some enrique iglesias stuff i'm pretty ashamed of. my excuses was that i got it in mexico a decade ago, before i realized the man couldn't sing.