Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

It's my favorite holiday again, and I'm celebrating it by working!

Last night, Jared and I carved a pumpkin, and it's so pretty, I took a picture to share:

This past weekend was my friend Brad's annual costume party in Durham. The first year I went as The Statue of Liberty. The Next year I was a pirate (cop out, I know). Last year I was pregnant Britney Spears. This year, I was a flasher. That's right, a flasher. It was an adult party, so I figured, why not? My mother had the same costume idea when she was my age too. Perverted women run in my family. I'm not that perverted. I just know how to have fun. Anywho, here's a picture of me in my costume, showing it to James Taylor, who is dressed as Buddy Christ. I edited it, for the kiddies.

Tomorrow is the first day of November, and the first day of National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo! So I'm going to be blogging every day for the next 30 days (Supposedly).


Joan said...

good legs for a girl not for a guy.

Allison said...

haha yea i thought about letting my leg hairs grow out, but decided against it.