Monday, October 01, 2007

I highly recommend Carolina Beach for your next work conference.

I had an awesome time at my Beach conference last week! Best work conference I've ever been to. It started Wednesday with the golf tournament. Since I'm no golfer, I was kind enough to lend my good luck and follow the guys around in my cart offering support and going to get drinks for people. I got a lot of reading done.
Daniel and his hole.

Then we went to the hotel where I had an awesome view from my great hotel room!
the view from my room!

After checking in we all gathered at the dock to go on our super cool BYOB sunset boat cruise. I had the most fun here, enjoying nature and taking 100 pictures. I highly recommend doing this next time you go to the beach.
Cloudage, with lovely water.
Pretty Clouds
real color.

Thursday until 5 was spent "working" and listening to a lot of GIS talk. That was cool, I learned a lot. Nothing to see though. Then we played beach volleyball and I learned how bad I am at it. It's easier if you're not short I guess.
Stephen serving up some awesomeness.
i love the ocean

After dinner, there was a "band" that played for us and Stephen got up and sang along with them to "Fire and Rain" and "Desperado". That boy can Wail. Needs to be the next American Idol.

Late Thursday night we all got together and played some Texas Hold Em Poker. I hadn't played in a while so I was itching to put together a game. We played for pretzels and tootsie rolls, and I ended up taking out half the boys and my boss. The game ended with me and Tina (my boss's wife) splitting the pot. Girls Rule.

Friday was more classes and then the long trek home where both at dinner and lunch they screwed up my food. Why? I'm not that picky. If I ask for a pizza with no feta, why put feta on it? If I order a Build Your Own Burrito with black beans, why put refried beans in it? Sheesh.

Anywho overall I had an amazing time. I love the beach. To see all my pics go here.

Then I got home to see AppState win, and my Buccaneers win again! Yay!


Carmen said...

i think a couple of those might be the best pics you've ever taken. :)

Stephen said...

The giant cloud pics own!

Joan said...

Great pictures. I'm jealous. The last class I went the only view I had was of a parking lot.