Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm very thirsty...

So yesterday I went to the doctor. I've been wanting to see a primary care physician just for a yearly check up. I didn't have one, so I made an appointment with one of the doctor's listed on Blue Cross/Blue Shield's web site.

Since I was a new patient, they told me I'd just be "establishing" yesterday and that I would come back later for my actual physical. Once I was in there and I talked to her, she decided to go ahead and get started with the physical and to go ahead and do bloodwork. She also convinced me to get the HPV vaccination just in case (since BCBS only pays for it until I'm 26 - which is in April!).

So after she checks my reflexes and all that she sits me down in the hall for the nurse to draw blood. I always get really nervous at the thought of having blood drawn. I don't like anything to touch the inside of my wrists and the inside of my elbows is almost as bad.

I'm reminded of the first time I donated blood and I tell the nurse about it. Then she gives me my shot, and moves towards the vials she will be filling with contents from my body. I look away..

She takes the first two vials of blood and I feel nervous.. As she's switching to the third vial I start to get real hot and then I realize I'm dizzy too. So of course, once she finished taking my blood, she had to rush and get me a coke so I didn't pass out.

There's nothing I love more than being at the doctor's office and I'm sweating from EVERY pore and drinking coke just so I don't pass out. I felt too weak to go back to work.

And they told me that I need to come back today for an ultrasound on my gallbladder, which may be why my chest has been hurting me. So I haven't been able to eat or drink anything this morning.. which is why I'm very thirsty.


KariBeri said...

man.. you are way to young to have gall stones missey! Hope you feel better!

Ryan said...

Let me know how your gallbladder is! Hope you're okay!
-Alisa (posting from my uber-secret account)