Sunday, April 27, 2008


This time, I'm talking Buccaneers and Mountaineers! My favorite NFL team drafted one of my favorite college football players! I'm proud to be a Mountaineer! Especially come fall, when the Bucs will be in Charlotte for Monday Night Football. I'm thinking we should throw a welcome home party for Dexter Jackson! Woo!!


Lovey said...

I was wondering if you saw that... :) I knew you'd be happy!

Joan said...

I read your blog and had flashes of Yosef dressed as a pirate. I'll help with the party. I'm practically family with Dexter since his parents parked next to us in Chattanooga. Actually I never talked to them. They showed up late. We had heard all day they were on their way and the space next to us was being saved for them. By the time they arrived, I had been tailgating maybe 5 hours so I decided for once to keep quiet. Plus I had these kids - a boy and girl who kept following me around calling me "mom". Weird.

Allison said...

tee hee!