Monday, April 07, 2008

To Tide You Over..

Since I'll be in Sin City from Wednesday through Sunday I thought I'd better leave you with at least a little something to look at other than the Sagebrush post.. So here are some pictures from Saturday night's Karaoke fest at McGuire's in Hickory.

OH, and my team totally won tonight at trivia (go team Eddie's Hot Fudge!)

Karaoke from last month when I broke my camera:
Sam, Molly & Ally
Sam singing some tunage.

From this past Saturday:
my brother is really ugly.
(My brother Alan)
Jordan is pouring sugar.
(That Jordan guy singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me")
matt, the sideburns guy
(Crazy Sideburns Guy)
herb, carmen and allison
(Herb, Carmen and Allison Love Big Butts (and we cannot lie).)
(Carmen Rocking)
alan and wendy
(My brother Alan and my sister-in-law Wendy)

Now I'll promise to take lots of pictures in Vegas. Or maybe just to fool with you, I won't. :D

See you next week!

1 comment:

Carmen Eckard said...

that's a pic of your winning team. :) i love your karaoke pictures. i'm going to miss you dahling. get me a deck of cards.