Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Viva Las 3 Card Poker.

Here's a Trip to Vegas in a coconut shell:

Wednesday: We take an overall pleasant plane trip except my poor Jared had a headache, so we took a wonderfully marvelous nap upon arriving at our way cool hotel room, which had a king-sized bed with a mirror on the ceiling.
Big MIrror

Then we met Justin and Brittany (the Bride and Groom) and her family at the Margaritaville for some drinks and wings. We then took a little walk to her family's condo where we saw her niece try to drink Corona.
Trying to seperate baby from beer!

After that we headed to Bill's Gambling Hall where we played 3 card poker until the ripe old hour of 11:30 pm when we were too tired to stand. Yea, we're old.
Somehow I managed to score a 3 card Straight Flush! In other words, I won $200! Woo!
Overall I ended up with $300 after putting in only $40.
Some winnings

On Thursday Jared and I had a nice breakfast and then the boys went to get their tuxes while I lounged by the pool.
Me, a pool, and daquiri!
Awesome pool

At 4 we were off to the rehearsal which was a nice 30 minute drive from the strip (and by nice, I mean, traffic ridden). We rented a mini-van so at least it wasn't a taxi or anything.
Pretty mountains.

The wedding place was a gorgeous place called "The Grove" set in a suburb. After the quick rehearsal we headed back to town and then out to dinner at Mon Ami Gabi (in the Paris casino), where I ate the most expensive meal of my life. The bill for Jared and me was $120.00. Yep. But it was delicious.
Yummy ummy Steak Roquette

After dinner we headed to Bill's again and guess what? I won another $250.00. Ha.
I love gambling.
Bill's Gamblin Hall

To celebrate winning, Jared, me and the Groom headed over to O'Shea's casino and played beer pong til 2 am. I suck at it.
Jared and Justin kicking some Beer Pong ass.

Friday morning we went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which TOTALLY ruled. I got to meet Johnny Depp. Jared got to meet Jenna Jameson. And Abraham Lincoln looked at my boobs.
Me and Johnny....
At least mine are more malleable.
Abe Lincoln looking at my boobs.

After this we went to look at Treasure Island and then back to the hotel so we could get ready for the wedding. I got lost in Harrah's trying to find the boys because Harrah's Las Vegas is the most confusing hotel on Earth. But Jared found me and boy, did he look suave!
Jared looking all suave.

Then to the wedding and a glorious time was had by all! After the nuptials we danced all night and Jared caught the garter. I apparently did not put enough effort into catching the bouquet but I maintain she threw it nowhere near me.
Bride and Groom

After drinking like 2 bottles of wine, we headed back to town and then went out to Bill's (again). I lost about $100 and was in a foul mood due to no more dancing.

Luckily, Saturday flat out ruled. Jared and I got up and took the tuxes back to Men's Warehouse, then we went to the ESPN zone, New York New York, the Hooter's casino (where I lost more money (I suck at blackjack)), then into a bunch of shops along the way, including the Paris, and finally got back to our room. Where we finally got in the "Love Tub", which is really just a giant bath tub, not a jacuzzi. After a few minutes, we realized it was time to go see the pirate show at the Treasure Island! So we got ready really quick and went to that. It was... like watching a Skinimax porn about pirates. Yea.
Dirty pirates

Then we headed straight for the Bellagio to see the fountains, which were beautiful! Afterwards we finally got to go up in the Eiffel Tower (I had been wanting to go every night!).
Fountain 2

The elevator ride up is scary, but totally worth the amazing view of the city. Absolutely gorgeous.
view 2

We finally headed back to our hotel again and we were both exhausted, but it was only 9:00. It was our last night and Jared had been dying to go to a strip club (just because, don't judge). I had been dying to go to Pure Nightclub (where all the celebs go). So we parted ways and I went to Pure. I waited like an hour to get in and finally went in and was bored because I had no one to dance with and the drinks were $16 a piece! But I still went so I could say I went. I saw no celebs inside but I'm pretty sure I saw Kumar while I was waiting inside. I left after only an hour and went back to the hotel just as Jared was getting back. We missed each other. At 4 am the fire alarm in our hotel went off and woke us both up forever. Stupid Red Bull....
I gave him $5

Sunday was a long, boring, painful day of trying to get back home. We left the hotel at 8:00 am and got home in Hickory at 12:30 am. Rough. Needless, to say, we're still catching up on our sleep.

More pictures Here.

All in all, I had an awesome trip and had a total blast. Vegas is way more fun than I thought it would be. I totally recommend it.


KariBeri said...

what a fun trip! Im glad you guys had fun!

Joan said...

I'm sure Johnny Depp wanted to stare at your boobs too.
We're the boys glad to see you when you got home or did they act pissed off?

Carmen Eckard said...

so glad you had fun . so glad you're home. so glad you blogged. love the pics! i'd like to meet kumar.

Allison said...

joan: The boys acted pissed off at first. For a few days. But last night they were back to lovey dovey.

carmen: I didn't actually meet Kumar, I just saw him.

Ryan said...

It looks like you guys were the only people in Madame Trousseau's! And, after seeing your pictures, I will forever think of Las Vegas as Disney World for adults...

Allison said...

Alisa: Vegas IS just like Disney World for adults. I highly reccommend it.

Katie Bonk said...

yay vegas!! I'm so glad y'all had such a good time! Next time I go, I'm bringing you with me for luck. :)