Friday, November 07, 2008

Hitting the ATL

This weekend I'm going to Atlanta to see my old roommate, Andrea! Katie, Daniel and I are headed there for the weekend. Andrea rules.

Today was my boss's birthday lunch and we went to the Hickory Tavern where I had to pay $13.00 for an overrated salad and soup and diet coke. This restaurant is on my short list restaurants that I just don't like to eat at. Either they're A) too expensive, B) overrated or C) nasty.

My list for Hickory includes:
-Hickory Tavern (A & B)
-Chili's (B & C)
-Buffalo Wild Wings (B & C)
-Iron Thunder Saloon (C)

Does anyone else have a list of places they just hate going?


Carmen Eckard said...

Ham's. And what a shame, since you can see it from our house.

We've given up on Dos Amigos. Even in Boone.

I don't like Subway or Wendy's.

The Tavern, for sure, as well as Iron Thunder and Sundries.

Joan said...

Yes Ham's. It started here in Greensboro and was pretty good when I was young but franchised out or something and got gross.
Yes to Chili's, too. We went there last night as the kids' request. The food was okay but not worth the money.
I'm not big on any fast food place really or chains like Chili's, Applebee's etc.

Katie Bonk said...

That Jamaican restaurant- BLECH!

Carmen Eckard said...

Katie-if you ever find yourself stuck at the Jamacan place, just get a pina colada and you'll be alright. They are devine there, although I don't like much else.