Saturday, November 01, 2008


It's National Blog Posting Month again.

Should I try for it? Last year I wrote a blog every day about all of the different things I collect. I don't have any ideas for a theme this time.. And I'm not sure if I can handle it again, but I'll give it a try.

Last night was ASU's whooping of Wofford, and it just happened to be Halloween. It was an amazing football game considering this was the one team in our conference that was supposed to be better than us. It felt darn good to come away with a 70 to 24 win. Of course, I was feeling no pain anyways.

Here's an example of what went down in the tailgating time:

Then we all went back to the hotel and tried to sleep. Well, after standing up for 9 hours straight, my legs hurt like hell and I did not sleep a wink. Boo.

I was supposed to go to Jeff & Tracy's house for an awesome costume party tonight. But since I'm so sleepy, I chose not to go. Plus, Jared's car has decided to break, so he needs mine to get to work in the morning.

I hope I can go to the next party.

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Joan said...

I did NaBloPoMo last year but I think I will pass. Good luck if you go for it.
Friday was so much fun. I'm glad you made the trip. We had something to do Saturday night. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep today.