Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I have Yet to do.

I have a library book due today, but I've only read 8 chapters. I hope the Hickory Public Library doesn't overcharge on their late fees, because I'm going to finish it.

This weekend is the last regular season foosball game for my Apps, and I'm being non-conformal and driving up the morning of and coming home after the game. Mostly because I'm poor but also because Jared and I have a date planned for Saturday night. This is also good because it means I won't allow myself to get stupid drunk and the people in front of us in the stadium won't have to think, again, 'who is that stupid drunk redhead?'. Look at that, I just used three punctuation marks in a row.

Last weekend was superborama because I got to do several cool things, including meeting Katiebonk's sister, who is way cool, and her cute family. I hung out with Andrea all day Saturday, which always makes me happy! We went to a chili festival and ate a whole lotta chili, including some strange concoctions like chocolatey chili (not so good).

After the chili-fest we went to IKEA which is wicked awesome. That's the biggest store I've ever been in I do believe. I bought nothing but candles, but could have left with a houseful.

Katie and Daniel met us in downtown Atlanta soon afterwards and had a blast with Andrea, Chad, and Newman (that Mike guy) at the bars. I think really this was great but I absolutely loved riding the MARTA (the Atlanta train) for some reason.

I am tired but alas, it was worth it for this:
(Seen on the sidewalk in Atlanta, Cabbagetown)

and this:


Alisa said...

Why don't you renew your book? Most libraries these days let you do it online through their website, or you can call them!

Joan said...

I'm glad you will be at the game. It will be cold. For the most part we drive up and back. Too expensive to stay over and feed my group plus we usually have others with us.

Katie Bonk said...

yay fun weekend!!!

liz said...

this is my first for your page! and i must say i to get tired of people saying"who is that stupid drunk redhead" your page is great!!! liz(matt's sis)

Allison said...

Alisa-Thanks! I found that site and renewed it!

Thanks Liz! You need to get yourself a blog!

Mike and Hannah said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun. And green with envy at you going to IKEA. They're opening one in Charlotte, right? I'm there, opening day.

Yay for internet!!

To expand on Alisa, http://www.hickorygov.com/library/ref/renewing.htm

I'm so glad you'll be home some weekends coming up. Football season makes me miss you every year.

Carmen said...

I didn't read all the comments before I commented. Sorry for the extraneous link. Also, excuse the bizarre "Mike and Hannah" name. I somehow changed that name while I was working on a webpage for a wedding we did. If by now that name has been replaced in my first comment, disregard all that. I think I've fixed it now. I like "Carmen" better than "Mike and Hannah".

Allison said...

I was wondering who the bloody hell Mike and Hannah were and why they miss me so much...