Monday, November 03, 2008

Uh.. Oops.

Well nevermind on the NaBloPoMo thing. I forgot to blog yesterday! On the second day! I guess I wasn't meant to be a great blogger.

Oh well!

I had to get up really early today and drive Jared to work since his car is broken. Hopefully we can get it fixed tomorrow on his day off. I guess we'll see.

On the plus side, Granite Falls, which is a town halfway between Hickory (where we live) and Lenoir (where he works), for some reason always has the cheapest gas around. I got gas this morning for $2.02! That's awesome for North Carolina. Apparently all the surrounding states have gas a LOT cheaper than us. I don't know though.

Tomorrow's the big day (election day!) and I'm soooooo excited for all the political commercials and such to be over with! No more pressure! I hope.

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