Monday, November 17, 2008

Yep, Football.

Why is everything I want to do scheduled for a day when I already have something to do? Let's see.. Oct 4th was Jared's birthday AND ASU's homecoming game. Then, the 27th was a big ASU game, and Brad's costume party, but I was already going to Florida with the family. This past Saturday I was in Boone for another football game, but my mom called me the day before to tell me they were having a family cookout Saturday night with my brothers, nieces, and old friends from the past.

This coming Saturday my Sister in law is having a birthday party/going away party for my brother, who will soon be shipping out to Iraq. But Jared and I already planned on going to Cullowhee to see the last regular season Appalachian game. And we already paid $60 for the tickets. *sigh* Why must people schedule things for Saturdays in football season?

The game this past weekend was one of the few most miserable games I've ever been to. It was windy, rainy, snowy, sleety, and freezing arse cold. At least Joan and David were kind enough to let me sit with them and share a blanket so I didn't have to sit on the grassy hill. And since we won, I guess it was worth it.

I love the football. Yesterday, my Buccaneers almost lost to the Vikings, bleh. But they came back in the second half and rallied a barely-win. Now, if only the Panthers would lose a game or two so the Bucs could catch up!


Anonymous said...

I will keep your brother in my prayers when he is in Iraq! I hope they all stay safe!

Joan said...

Best wishes for your brother. My friend Mike is a Marine & shipping out in January (I think that's when). I'm glad you were able to sit with us. It was fun.
We're not going to WCU either. Logistics with the kids and all the $ already spent and will be spent in the near future.