Wednesday, April 30, 2008

26 Years Ago Today...

I was cut from my mother's womb the way a pirate should be born!
My mom finally got what she always wanted, me!

To celebrate, Jared made me a cake last night:

and gave me an awesome green ipod Nano and a beautiful Appy Columbia jacket:

And tonight, I'm going out to El Paso with my friends and all!
Happy Birthday me!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


This time, I'm talking Buccaneers and Mountaineers! My favorite NFL team drafted one of my favorite college football players! I'm proud to be a Mountaineer! Especially come fall, when the Bucs will be in Charlotte for Monday Night Football. I'm thinking we should throw a welcome home party for Dexter Jackson! Woo!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I like this one better :)


Since next Wednesday is my birthday, I'm thinking of having a bday dinner for myself at the El Paso. Brad may or may not be coming out but it would be nice to do a little something with my friends, even if it is last minute. Anyone up for it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prom 2000

My friend Mark Taylor recently posted this awful picture of me from prom on my myspace. Since Joan was talking about prom and posted her picture (which was very cute), I thought I'd post my picture too. Of course, in this picture, I am anything but cute. I have some cuter ones somewhere but that's at home and I am at work. So here ya go:

I am on the right obviously. I had worked really hard and lost a lot of weight that year. Unfortunately you can't tell here. Double chins rock. I'm dancing with an old friend, Eric the Mexican (who Katie Loves). On the left laughing is Brad, who was my date and my best friend. We had a good time at prom. Of course, you know it's going to be a good prom when it takes place at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Welcome to Redneckville.
Afterwards we went to Applebee's where I spilled (VIRGIN)Strawberry Daquiri on my dress. Then I went home alone to sleep since I had to be at work at the pizza place at 9:30 am the next morning. Suckage.

Pretty Much Right On..

I took the SparkLife Personality Test (just like Carmen!) and it said I was a:

You are a Helper Who Finds Missing Children Over The Internet!
(Submissive Introverted Concrete Feeler)
You are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF). You are very tentative in the world and introverted with people— which means you are the shy and silent type (hence the Internet.) But behind your reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children. God bless you.

Compared to 15,086,551 other test takers...
3% are more Submissive than you.
91% are more Dominant than you.
7% are just as Submissive as you.

35% are more Introverted than you.
47% are more Extroverted than you.
18% are just as Introverted as you.

90% are more Abstract than you.
3% are more Concrete than you.
7% are just as Concrete as you.

87% are more Thinking than you.
6% are more Feeling than you.
7% are just as Feeling as you.

Except I'm a little more outgoing than it says.. I think. Maybe that's just when alcohol is involved. I should take this test again when I'm drunk.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Warning: Not for the eyes of the Young'uns.

Jon E took this picture of me a couple of months ago in downtown Hickory. I thought I'd share.

Thanks Ya'll for the sweet words. To counteract the last post:

Rainbows, puppy dogs, lollipops, chocolate ice cream, warm days on the beach, Boone, and Kisses.

Warning: Downer.

You know, it's funny how you can go along in life and have a bad week and think "this is the worst week ever." And then, you get over it and everything's going fine and all of a sudden you come back from vacation and the next day you're delivered a total bombshell that just makes you fully realize, you really are having the worst week ever right now.

That's how I've been feeling since last Tuesday. Guilty and sick to my stomach. I don't feel guilty because of anything in particular though. All of this stuff going on makes me feel sick and then I think and think and I realize that why I feel so bad is because I'm made to feel guilty for everything. I'm tired of feeling guilty all of the time.

But to not feel guilty would make me a psycopath or something equally bad. So I guess I'll have to live with it. But I bet it would make me feel better to list some things that make me feel guilty, just to get them out there.

I feel guilty:
-When I don't eat right.
-When I don't exercise at least 2 times a week.
-When I don't change out the litterbox enough.
-When I don't recycle.
-When I play on the internet when I should be working (like now).
-When I don't blog enough.
-When I don't get the chance to read all of my other blogs until a week after they're written.
-When I don't comment on people's blogs, flickrs, twitters, etc.
-When I'm late for work.
-When I don't keep up with my old friends.
-When I don't keep up with my current friends.
-When I don't have time for everyone.
-When I don't have a clean house.
-When my mom makes me feel guilty.
-For not liking my brother. At All.
-For not keeping a budget.
-For not having enough savings.
-For always being lazy.
-For being selfish sometimes.
-For not being as strong as I pretend to be.
-For not being as smart as I pretend to be.
-For STILL not knowing what I want to be when I grow up.
-For not loving my profession as much as I should.
-When I drink too much.
-When I drink too much coffee.
-When I spend too much money.
-When I don't email my family.
-When I don't call my family.
-When all I want to do is sleep.
-When I cry for no reason.
-When I cry for A reason.
-When I drive too fast.
-When I cuss at old people in my car.
-When I quit Sagebrush.
-When I don't like people based off of first impressions.
-When I don't tip enough.
-When I don't feel guilty and I should.

I think this list is long enough, but I could still add some. It feels a little better to list them.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Toucan Sam

The last two nights I've had some strange dreams.. Wednesday night I dreamt that there were all of these white toucans around in the trees and they were seemingly sweet and would land on your shoulder. But really they had these huge black spiders living under their wings and when they would land on your shoulder, they would drop the spiders on you. Creepy.

Last night I dreamt that I was watching a movie preview. It was a horror movie starring the American Idol contestants.. from next week. Maybe I get too into it...

And now, I'm going to do a survey because I'm too tired to think of anything else..
Stolen from Carmen:

8 years ago...

How old were you? 17/18

Had you ever been to a real party? No

Were you in a relationship? Adam, I met him the day after I graduated high school.

Where did you live? Kannapolis til August when I moved to Boone for school.

Who was your best friend? Brad was the bestie.

Had you ever been in love? I was in love with Adam.. I thought.

Had you ever had your heart broken? Nope, I was a heartbreaker

Did you have a job? I worked at Pi-Zons in Concord, a pizza place.

4 years ago:
How old were you? 21/22

Had you ever been to a real party? Yes

Were you in a relationship? Uh, NO.

Where did you live? I finished school in Boone until May, then an internship at the beach during the summer, then to Kannapolis to home.

Who was your best friend? Brad and Carmen.

Had you ever been in love? Yes.

Had you ever had your heart broken? Yes, by Adam, the guy from above.

Did you have a job? Boone Bowling Center (I was the snack bar girl), intern at the QAR project

How old are you? 25 for a few more days.
Had you ever been to a real party? Oh Yes
Are you in a relationship? I gots the Jared.
Where do you live? In Hickory, next to my best friend.
Who is your best friend? Carmen E.
Have you ever been in love? Yes.
Had you ever had your heart broken? Yeah
Do you have a job? I'm a mad mapmaker...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Viva Las 3 Card Poker.

Here's a Trip to Vegas in a coconut shell:

Wednesday: We take an overall pleasant plane trip except my poor Jared had a headache, so we took a wonderfully marvelous nap upon arriving at our way cool hotel room, which had a king-sized bed with a mirror on the ceiling.
Big MIrror

Then we met Justin and Brittany (the Bride and Groom) and her family at the Margaritaville for some drinks and wings. We then took a little walk to her family's condo where we saw her niece try to drink Corona.
Trying to seperate baby from beer!

After that we headed to Bill's Gambling Hall where we played 3 card poker until the ripe old hour of 11:30 pm when we were too tired to stand. Yea, we're old.
Somehow I managed to score a 3 card Straight Flush! In other words, I won $200! Woo!
Overall I ended up with $300 after putting in only $40.
Some winnings

On Thursday Jared and I had a nice breakfast and then the boys went to get their tuxes while I lounged by the pool.
Me, a pool, and daquiri!
Awesome pool

At 4 we were off to the rehearsal which was a nice 30 minute drive from the strip (and by nice, I mean, traffic ridden). We rented a mini-van so at least it wasn't a taxi or anything.
Pretty mountains.

The wedding place was a gorgeous place called "The Grove" set in a suburb. After the quick rehearsal we headed back to town and then out to dinner at Mon Ami Gabi (in the Paris casino), where I ate the most expensive meal of my life. The bill for Jared and me was $120.00. Yep. But it was delicious.
Yummy ummy Steak Roquette

After dinner we headed to Bill's again and guess what? I won another $250.00. Ha.
I love gambling.
Bill's Gamblin Hall

To celebrate winning, Jared, me and the Groom headed over to O'Shea's casino and played beer pong til 2 am. I suck at it.
Jared and Justin kicking some Beer Pong ass.

Friday morning we went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which TOTALLY ruled. I got to meet Johnny Depp. Jared got to meet Jenna Jameson. And Abraham Lincoln looked at my boobs.
Me and Johnny....
At least mine are more malleable.
Abe Lincoln looking at my boobs.

After this we went to look at Treasure Island and then back to the hotel so we could get ready for the wedding. I got lost in Harrah's trying to find the boys because Harrah's Las Vegas is the most confusing hotel on Earth. But Jared found me and boy, did he look suave!
Jared looking all suave.

Then to the wedding and a glorious time was had by all! After the nuptials we danced all night and Jared caught the garter. I apparently did not put enough effort into catching the bouquet but I maintain she threw it nowhere near me.
Bride and Groom

After drinking like 2 bottles of wine, we headed back to town and then went out to Bill's (again). I lost about $100 and was in a foul mood due to no more dancing.

Luckily, Saturday flat out ruled. Jared and I got up and took the tuxes back to Men's Warehouse, then we went to the ESPN zone, New York New York, the Hooter's casino (where I lost more money (I suck at blackjack)), then into a bunch of shops along the way, including the Paris, and finally got back to our room. Where we finally got in the "Love Tub", which is really just a giant bath tub, not a jacuzzi. After a few minutes, we realized it was time to go see the pirate show at the Treasure Island! So we got ready really quick and went to that. It was... like watching a Skinimax porn about pirates. Yea.
Dirty pirates

Then we headed straight for the Bellagio to see the fountains, which were beautiful! Afterwards we finally got to go up in the Eiffel Tower (I had been wanting to go every night!).
Fountain 2

The elevator ride up is scary, but totally worth the amazing view of the city. Absolutely gorgeous.
view 2

We finally headed back to our hotel again and we were both exhausted, but it was only 9:00. It was our last night and Jared had been dying to go to a strip club (just because, don't judge). I had been dying to go to Pure Nightclub (where all the celebs go). So we parted ways and I went to Pure. I waited like an hour to get in and finally went in and was bored because I had no one to dance with and the drinks were $16 a piece! But I still went so I could say I went. I saw no celebs inside but I'm pretty sure I saw Kumar while I was waiting inside. I left after only an hour and went back to the hotel just as Jared was getting back. We missed each other. At 4 am the fire alarm in our hotel went off and woke us both up forever. Stupid Red Bull....
I gave him $5

Sunday was a long, boring, painful day of trying to get back home. We left the hotel at 8:00 am and got home in Hickory at 12:30 am. Rough. Needless, to say, we're still catching up on our sleep.

More pictures Here.

All in all, I had an awesome trip and had a total blast. Vegas is way more fun than I thought it would be. I totally recommend it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I have way too much to blog about

And not much energy or time to do it in. You'll have to wait til Wednesday, I believe.

But here's a preview:

Vegas Baby!
You should see it large!

Will be uploading more soon, but here's a preview! I took this one from the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino.

Monday, April 07, 2008

OH, and this:

The weather for Las Vegas this weekend:

To Tide You Over..

Since I'll be in Sin City from Wednesday through Sunday I thought I'd better leave you with at least a little something to look at other than the Sagebrush post.. So here are some pictures from Saturday night's Karaoke fest at McGuire's in Hickory.

OH, and my team totally won tonight at trivia (go team Eddie's Hot Fudge!)

Karaoke from last month when I broke my camera:
Sam, Molly & Ally
Sam singing some tunage.

From this past Saturday:
my brother is really ugly.
(My brother Alan)
Jordan is pouring sugar.
(That Jordan guy singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me")
matt, the sideburns guy
(Crazy Sideburns Guy)
herb, carmen and allison
(Herb, Carmen and Allison Love Big Butts (and we cannot lie).)
(Carmen Rocking)
alan and wendy
(My brother Alan and my sister-in-law Wendy)

Now I'll promise to take lots of pictures in Vegas. Or maybe just to fool with you, I won't. :D

See you next week!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Tonight Is...

My last night at:


Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm a Castronaut..

I'm bored so I'm going to be dorky and post more pictures of my favorite American Idol Contestant, Jason Castro. Because I can. Why do I always become obsessed? This year it's different, I'm really going to buy his CD. Really.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools.

Okay, so I didn't fool anyone, but at least I got a few comments out of it :)

I suck at pranks.. My brother is much better at it than me.

As a payback to myself, today I have massive man-eating, gut-wrenching, throw me on the floor cramps.