Thursday, July 20, 2006


next week is seriously creeping up on me. next week, on monday, i have to have the biopsy surgery thing. seems like every single female i talk to has had to have this same procedure. still doesn't make it any better. they also all tell me i'll be fine after 2 days. i'm still taking off the whole week. all i want is a chance to do nothing for a few days. that's all.

i know you're probably all tired of hearing me gush over big pete, but darn it i like that boy.
-i like the fact that we've made plans to go to belleshare (or however you spell it) in asheville on the 29th. this day i may or may not be meeting his entire family. all at once. *scarey*
-i like the fact that he created a flickr account so he could comment on one of my pictures, and that all the pictures he posted on his account are insanely ridiculous pictures of himself. adorable.
-i like the fact that he ended his first comment on my flickr with a "MUAH", which is the spelling of a kiss.
-i like the fact that my friends all seem to like him a lot.

last night, at sagebrush, keri kept saying "your girlfriend" this, and "your boyfriend" that when he and i were around each other. he didn't correct her by saying anything like "not girlfriend" or "not boyfriend". so i guess that means we're official or whatever :)

p.s. i want some of these shoes:
i want some of these shoes.
who's gonna buy me a pair?


Katie said...

Bele Chere. Here's the website if you want to see what it's all about...
And you'd better call me that day! Ben's party is from 4-7, and I'm sure we'll end up at the festival that night. I wish you could come Friday night!!!
Oh, and Big Pete IS your bf.

phaupster said...

pooh told me about those shoes a couple of days ago and i thought of you. belechere is fun. you'll have an awesome time. and you'll enjoy some time off. when do you want me to come get you from your mom's?

Allison said...

i probably won't be able to take more than a couple of days. so i'm gonna say sometime on wednesday would be great carmen. katie: i'll call you i'm sure. and you know what? you're totally right.