Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i survived.

so.. i survived my surgery. yep. mom and i went to the hospital at 6 friggin a.m. on monday. at about 7 a.m. they wheeled me upstairs toward the "operating room". i was out in the hall when the anethesiologist gave me the good stuff. i remember him telling me his two favorite words were "really" and "wow" because when people wake up they and find out they're done, they always say "really? wow". and you know what? i was knocked out while still in the hall. i woke up to a nurse telling me, "you're done sweety" and i said, "really? wow". hehehe. that was it. i don't remember a damn thing. it's pretty cool being unconscious. i should have surgery more often. two times in 4 months is really not enough. i will say this though, the cramps suck. they gave me some prescription motrin, but the vikadin my mom gave me works a whole lot better. and damn i miss hickory. i've only been gone for like 40 hours, but it feels like a week. i miss my cat, i miss my house, i miss my jobs, i miss my friends, and i certainly miss big pete. *sigh* but carmen's coming to get me tomorrow. actually techinically she's coming later today. so that's good.

i talked to my ex-beau adam today, and he's coming to hickory definitely this sunday. to fix my hottub!! he was supposed to come up a few weeks ago, but he ended up being too busy. punk. but he's definitely coming this time. he has to. he's moving to columbia, s.c. in less than two weeks! it's his last chance! plus, he'll be on his way home from his momma's (who lives in va). so it's practically on the way. i wonder if i should tell him about big pete. i mean, it's not like anything will happen with adam. we're beyond all that. happily friends. but still, i wonder if he would be quite so willing to fix my hot tub if he knew i was smitten with another boy. as smitten as i used to be for him... hmm... maybe it'd be best if i didn't tell him. i mean, he's moving to s.c. to go to law school in less than two weeks. what he doesn't know won't hurt him :).

i think i'm going to go back to work thursday. i'm going stir crazy.


phaupster said...

i've been working on leaving my house, only *someone* who is staying here has now been in the bathroom for 1 hour and 6 minutes and i can't get in the shower. and, i JUST NOW heard the shower turn on. balls! i miss you!!!!! i want to see you!!!!!! and i want to eat bbq, but you hate it!

Stephen said...

Yep, sounds exactly like when I got put under, it was like the pure blink of an eye. Cept, I didn't get anesthesia. Ask me to show you the knot from the aluminum ball bat on the side of my head sometime. Glad to hear it all went well.

Katie said...

I agree- no reason to tell him about Big Pete. Unless he asks, then you can't lie. I'm glad everything went well. :) See you this weekend!

Michelle said...

Yay! You survived! I'm really glad to hear it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next tests! I always put mine on the fridge when they come back good - just like a good grade in school!