Monday, July 17, 2006

i'm trying..

i'm trying to think of something INteresting to post about.. other than my same old weekend post. i DID have a great weekend and DID do a lot of fun things.. but these things are a lot more fun if you were there and you remember them.

i got new contacts. i'm wearing a pair of trials that i put in for the first time today. i'm thinking these are no bueno. they are off. why is it so hard to get my damn prescription right? my eyes CAN'T be that fucked up. really.

saturday night one of my durham/raliegh friends, mike, was looking through the pictures of my camera and saw a picture of big pete. he said he looked familiar. so i told him big pete grew up in canton, and i told him his name. craziness: mike knows big pete. mike went to his high school for ONE year. they even wrestled together. it's a damn small world. damn small. very soon today i will be posting pictures from the pool party/cookout and pictures of meatwad playing with bertha (carmen's dog). check em out.


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