Monday, July 31, 2006


well, i didn't die from having too much fun. but i did have a pretty good weekend. friday night i went up to boone *just because*. it was beautiful.. til it started raining :P. then when i got back in town big pete called me from o'charlie's where he was having a little too much fun, so i went and picked him up. hehehe.

saturday was the big day. got to meet big pete's entire family.. all at once! scary! actually they were all really cool. his mom reminds me a lot of my mom, only less perverted. his sister reminds me a lot of myself when i was 21. and it turns out i actually used to work with his brother a LONG time ago at Park Place on campus. so that was pretty cool. they were nice, and he has a big sweet boxer doggie that gave me super sweet doggie kisses!

then we went to the shroom, (mellow mushroom). it was.. eh.. not as good as the one in boone. but it's all good. bele chere was pretty gorgeous. there were SO many people there. i took a LOT of mullet pictures. did a lot of walking around. we ran into so many of big pete's friends. then we saw train. train is a band that i would never really buy their CD because i know i wouldn't listen to it.. but they are GREAT live. i mean really good. i would have taken pictures and/or video but my camera's battery died. they ended the show with Drops of Jupiter, which is a song that got me through some MAJOR heartbreak in college. then they came back for an encore and sang 'Dream On'. it was freaking awesome. they sounded just like Led Zeppelin. REally good show. but of course by the end, i was so tired i could barely stand up!

yay for all of that!

sunday afternoon i worked at the brush, but it was all good because when i got home, adam was on the way!

NO, i didn't get the hot tub fixed. he would have been able to if only the lowes and/or home depot would have had the damn part we needed! at least, we think that's what we need! so i have to order a part, and when it comes in, i have to install it myself. unfortunately adam can't come back and install it since he's moving to columbia, sc. tomorrow.

it's all good though. it was really nice to see him. we went to backstreets for dinner and sat and talked and reminisced about the good old days for at least 2 hours. then i discovered that he is a fellow fan of the AVETT brothers! (who are definitely my favorite band) so i let him rip all my CD's! they're playing live at the verizon wireless pavilion on august 27th. i'm definitely going. wonder if i can get anyone else to go too...

anywho. so i've had a pretty darn good weekend! looking forward to this one too, even though i don't actually have any plans other than the brush on saturday and sunday! woo!


Katie said...

I hate that I missed the Train show. I really like them, and actually have a cd. We never could've made in time after the party though. :( I'm glad you had such a good time! Now it's his turn to meet your family...

Allison said...

well he's already met my dad, but i'd love for my brothers to meet him. and my mom of course.