Monday, July 10, 2006

a good time was had by all

well i've just had an action packed awesome weekend. now i'm so tired i can't hold my head up!

-friday night i went to see the newest awesomest movie ever, pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest. this movie was totally worth the wait and the hype. is it possible to go wrong with johnny? and pirates? and the coolest part was i got to go to a midnight showing with people i know. (when the first one came out i went by myself to the 9 pm show :( ) i went with Josh and Bradley from the brush, and carmen and big pete. yay!

-saturday i got up and met katie, daniel, andrea, dave p, and the marshalls and daniel's brother and friends and we all went tubing down the green river. what a good time! three hours floating down the river drinking beer! and it was katie's birthday so we had an especially awesome time! happy birthday katie!!!
happy birthday katie!
-after tubing we all went home and then out to el paso for more beer! and yummy mexican food!

-then i went over to carmen's to dry my sheets and quilt since meatwad peed on my bed saturday morning :(

-but it's all good because then i went over to big pete's for poker! it was a big game with carmen, brian the dj/cook, jared (big pete) and justin his roomie, josh and bradley and bradley's friends (brush people). i went out rather quickly, but then so did everyone else. the game ended around 2:30 which was good because i was T.I.R.E.D.! of course, i didn't go to sleep til around 3:30 but that's nothing i want to discuss here :)

-sunday was rather uneventul..

now i'm having trouble keeping my head from bobbing..

by the way, have i said it already? johnny depp is HOT.
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Stephen said...

Darn it, I really would like to go tubing some time if the timing was better, but I was too busy shooting my best golf round in 4 years ;)
Looks like ya'll had a great time.

Allison said...

stephen it's not OUR fault you decided to go and have a birthday the same day as katie!! congrats on the great round!! you can go with them when they go again in august.

sam said...

Well, your weekend was certainly more action packed than mine. I did absolutely nothing, hahaha. I didn't even get to see POTC. I'm gonna go soon though.

Allison said...

you haven't gone to see the movie yet? shame shame shame!

Katie said...

Yay tubing!!!! Thanks for making my birthday fun fun fun! :) I can't believe you were able to stay up so late that night- we all crashed by midnight!