Monday, July 03, 2006


friday at work was just plain awful. it was dead most of the night and the tables i did have were campers. for example i had one table of four that came in at 6pm. they paid at 7.15pm. they left at 9pm. i only had a three table section. people, DON'T do this when you go to restaurants. you are in the way. your server can not make any more money until you leave. assholes. then things were normal as far as i was getting things closed down.. but then at 10.30pm a group of 15 came in. i had to take them since i was closing. can i just say that these people were NOT normal. there was something incredibly wrong with each of them.. i don't know why.. i wish i wish they hadn't come in and made a HUGE mess and acted like idiots.

big pete had left at 11 since he was in the kitchen. because he had to get up early, it was pretty much understood that i wouldn't be spending time with him that night. i had had a rough night, i was tired and dirty and instead of leaving at the usual 11.15 pm on friday night, i was STILL sweeping at 12am. i was sweeping, and it was only me and the manager, who was in the back. when you're sweeping, you've got nothing to do but think. so i was thinking about the bad night, the bad week, and the fact that i was looking at going home and sitting by myself on a friday night. i was seriously on the verge of crying.

then my pocket vibrated! a text message! from big pete! he invited me over to stay with him, even though he had to be at his brother's house at 7.30 am the next morning. he invited me over just to sleep next to him. he is so perplexingly sweet. everytime i get to thinking i might be disappointed by this boy, he surprises me.

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Katie said...

I'm glad it ended up all good in the end!