Thursday, November 02, 2006

google (couldn't think of anything else as a title)

have you ever noticed how sometimes movies really stick with you? tuesday night carmen and i watched wicker park. i still can't decide whether i hated it or loved it. it is an amazingly grabbing movie. i couldn't get up from it. and ever since then i've still been feeling very emotional, mostly about jared. i think i just live my life in a fairy tale or something. of course then last night i was in a seriously sad funk. for no reason. i was just sad and had absolutely no reason to be so. i don't usually get that way. so then i went over to jared's. and then we went to see employee of the month, and it made me feel all better. what an underrated movie. i loved it. i laughed a lot harder at that then i did at talladega nights. but maybe that's just my brand of humor. plus, dane cook is seriously fine.

i had an awesome halloween weekend. check out my pics from the not-that-cold appstate game, and from b's 3rd annual costume party. i had a great time, except for the 3 hour AWFUL drive from boone to durham. grah. i never want to drive again.

katie and allison. super close friends.

anywho. 8 more days til jared and i leave for pigeon forge. :)


phaupster said...

i can't get it out of my head either. i decided i love it, although i'm kind of pissed that it wasn't scary. based on the description, i was expecting scary.

Allison said...

i know i know. me too. except i'm kinda glad it wasn't scary. the older i get, the less i like the scary.

Katie said...

It was COLD at that game!!! You're crazy. I want to see Employee of the Month. 10 days 'til I go to Dallas to meet the little munchkin!

Allison said...

you should definitely see it. yay for munchkin!