Monday, November 27, 2006


well i survived thanksgiving.. barely. it was a long 6 days (well 5 and a half days) without jared. it was the longest we've been apart ever. but somehow we made it. the text messaging (somewhere around 400 texts were thrown around) was my only means to keep sane. but i still had a good time in virginia with my momma. it was good to do that whole mother/daughter quality time thing. but now i'm uber-tired. and i have to work both jobs today and tomorrow. but at least at i get to see jared tonight!
i took tons of pictures and i'll eventually put them up on the flickr. i need a nap and drink first though...

the coolest thing i saw while on vaca? Robert E. Lee's Angels, which are explained here.

the coolest thing i bought? a new painting for over my couch, of the statue of david. i bought it for $18.75 and it's original price tag was for $250.00. sweet deal.

what i'm excited about now?
christmas music! the music is pretty much the only thing i LOVE about christmas (other than nostalgia). the brush has switched it's music to strictly holiday music. and i found a radio station that only plays christmas music! yay! and, AND i'm almost DONE with my christmas shopping. all i have left are my step siblings, and jared :)

how come nobody had any suggestions for me for a gift for him? grr!! i'm getting him a duke basketball ticket, but i'd like to get him something else to go along with it!! hello people!! anybody?

um.. in other news, i sure do ramble a lot...


Katie said...

Doesn't he read your blog? So much for that surprise! Way to go on the deal for the picture!!! There are TWO stations that only play Christmas music... 102.9 and 104.7!

Allison said...

oh the ticket was his idea so it's ok. i forgot about 102.9, i'll have to give it a shot!!

sam said...

I can't buy anyone a christmas gift this year because I'm completely broke. :(

PS: The thing I hate most about christmas is the music, hahaha. Yeah, I know, I'm a grinch.