Thursday, November 30, 2006


carmen closes on her condo today! she will officially be my next door neighbor now!! yay! she's just glad she doesn't have to live with meatwad anymore. i love that cat. but he is definitely mean.

anywho wish carmen congrats.

i made an awesome rum cake last night that you'll all be jealous about.


phaupster said...

excellent things about today: rum cake for breakfast. my favorite school lunch today. bonus check at school...even more than i expected. fancy dinner with my guy and my best friend, and to top it off, a condo! it would have been excellent without the condo, but man, what a good day! that cake is good. i give it 1 day before it's gone.

Allison said...

yea.. it started OUT good. :)

phaupster said...

i will explain my good/bad day further. i cought lice from my kids at school. yes lice. like, the disgusting icky itchy bugs that live and lay eggs in your hair. vomit. and then when i got the condo, the guy had left crap in every single cabinet and closet. i mean, a lot of stuff. and i was super irritated. luckily, i did not pass the icky bugs to anyone else that i frequently come in contact with. but still...nothing ruins a good day like a case of head lice.