Wednesday, November 08, 2006


for the past couple of months, the I.T. guy at my office and others have been going bandwidth crazy and being super internet nazis going so far as to block any sites they deem "innapropriate". this i understand. but when they go so far as to accuse me of looking at po*n on my work computer, i get upset. who in their right mind would be dumb enough to look at po*n on their work computer? it really really pissed me off. i'm sure some website i looked at must have had a link to some bad website or something. and who knows? i could have clicked on something accidentally without realizing what it was. and i'm sure if i did, i closed it immediately when i realized what it was. but obviously that's not the point. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

so anywho, now i'm really paranoid that THE MAN is tracking every single thing i look at on the web. which is why i've been so inactive on here and other websites the past few days. yes, i have internet at home. but i'm so rarely home that when i do go home, all i want to do is veg, not sit at the computer. my coworker daniel says i should just lay low for a couple months and that then all of this crap will blow over, and that it's not just me. still, i'm pissed off. when i get bored? i want to look at internet. now i'm stuck playing spider solitare and minesweeper (which is friggin impossible to beat!!).

rant over.

so yea.
and my hottub works!! yay!! i've been in it a couple of times already. it rules. except i think we put too much chlorine in it.. hopefully after a little bit that will subside.. we'll see.

2 more days til me and jared go to pigeon forge!! i'm sooooooooooooooooo excited.


internet nazi said...

We are watching you, Allison. You aren't safe... even at home. Muahahahaha!

hahaha, just kidding. That is really, really, really gay. I mean, I know they have a right to do it, but that doesn't mean they should police everything you look at. I mean, it is kind of an invasion of privacy in my opinion. As long as you're getting all your work done and no one else is complaining about what you're looking at, they should just leave you be. They can't possibly expect people to sit there like zombies during their downtime and do nothing.

I looked at all kinds of crazy shit at my last job (including some accidental porn sites) and they never said anything to me about it. I know they were watching, but they never said anything. Once when I was at IBM they did say something to me because I was surfing while I was taking a call, but the person was rebooting their computer at the time, so it's not like I wasn't paying attention to them, I was waiting for their computer to reboot. Sometimes these network admins are so annoying and stupid.

Anyway, I'm sorry you have to be bored at work now, Allison. :( Can you take a book to read? If they say anything about you reading, I'd say "well, you took away my only other form of entertainment, what do you expect me to do?"

Damnit, don't these places understand that a happy employee = a good employee? If you're bored during your downtime, then you aren't a happy employee! What assholes!

Allison said...

wow, thanks internet nazi :)

sam said...

Oh yeah, I meant to sign it so you'd know it was me, but then forgot, hahaha. I'm sure you could tell it was me anyway, though, right?

phaupster said...

you're such a perv looking at p*rn at work. seriously, that sucks. my computer at school blocks nearly everything. i'm surprised i can read your blog.