Friday, November 17, 2006

like this and like that and like this and up

i bought a video camera and i am muy excited!
i've never had one before. expect me to be posting lots of stuff on youtube.
examples of stuff of you may see:
-me, talking to myself.
-jared, telling me to stop recording him.
-football (mainly a.s.u.)
-drunk people
-drunk people
-drunk people
-my cat
-and maybe just maybe i'll be cool and make a "movie" (no, not that kind of movie, you perv!)

anywho i can't wait to record SOMETHING and put it up so you can watch it. i just have to wait until i find something interesting enough to record.

i wish i had had it monday night at the bucs game. not that there was anything that interesting.. but you know, it would have been more fun than just plain old pictures.

on that note, here is a picture of my buccaneers coming back in for the second half and about to severely disappoint me. :(
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they're still my team, but damn, they suck. next year. next year.
(yes, this is very similar to my myspace blog, but get over it)

p.s. i need to come up with an idea of something to tell jared to get me for xmas. any suggestions? (not a ring!)

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