Monday, November 13, 2006

pigeon forge!

well can i just say i had a really really really fantabulous weekend with jared?
some highlights:

-jared is sweet :)

-king sized bed!

-top floor room and you had to use the key card to go to that floor off the elevator

-i beat jared by 1 stroke playing minigolf (he got mad and tore up the scorecard, but i still have it)

-he beat me on the go-karts (:P)

-won a bunch of tickets in the arcade! i love skeeball. really.

-jared is sweet.

-fell asleep at 11:30 on friday and 12:00 on saturday. just because we could. (that's early!!)

-the aquarium in gatlinburg FRIGGIN RULES! i have never ever been that close to sharks. most people that know me know how afraid i am of sharks. honestly, they're most of the reason i don't get into water. (except my hot tub)
i really reallly really liked the aquarium and took a bunch of pictures which i will be posting on flickr tomorrow night.. maybe. if i ever get the time.

-i got MOST of my christmas shopping done. which is a huge relief because i hate that part of the holidays. christmas depresses me sometimes just because of all the pressure. of course, i still have yet to get jared a present yet.

-it rained pretty much all day saturday, but it was ok, except when the power went out in 1/2 the town! including stoplights (which made the already horrendous traffic even more so) and also our hotel (which delayed my after-rain-hair showering and caused us to eat dinner at 4:30!)

-we went to ripley's believe it or not, which wasn't all i thought it would be. at least not for the 30 bucks i spent to get us in.

-jared is sweet.

-then we went to this really cool bar called hogs & honeys in gatlinburg. it's great because people dance on the bar! not just the people that work there either. i didn't dance anywhere except on the floor next to jared, even though i got a little drunk! it took me 2 hours to convince him to dance with me,

-some whore in the long ass line in the bathroom at the bar told me she felt bad because she should let me pee first because of my "condition". apparently my fave shirt makes me look pregnant. then she told me i should burn it since that's the impression it gives off. whore.

-then i got all emotional because i was drunk.

-jared is sweet and came up with a new nickname for me: ally berry. hahaha

-sunday we shopped a little more then left. on the way home we stopped in canton to see his family.

-his mom gave me a hug goodbye :)

-we had lunch/early dinner at the sagebrush in canton. ha.

then, after a looooong weekend we were finally home and i did some laundry and went to bed.

i really love that boy. it says something that we survived a weekend all alone together and never wanted to kill each other


Pigs said...

YAY!! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend getaway! And now you get to go see your team play tonight! Have fun, I'll be watching it from here. (OH. And that shirt does NOT make you look pregnant- you were super cute the night you wore it in Savannah. hmmmph.)

phaupster said...

shirt doesn't make you look pregnant. makes your boobs look enormous, which may have caused some confusion. glad you had fun. i'm calling you shortly to get some more info from you.

sam said...

Yeah, that bitch was obviously on crack. Glad you had fun otherwise, though! Where exactly is Pigeon Forge?

Allison said...

pigeon forge is about 1.5 hours west of asheville in tennessee. a really nice drive

Stephen said...

The walk under the water in the aquarium is insane, bet those pics are cool.

sam said...

weird... something you said in your blog made me think it was near myrtle beach, hahaha. not sure what it was now though.