Thursday, August 31, 2006

I knew it!!!!!!!

he really DOES love me!

and just to prove i didn't photoshop it, here's where i found it.

now that's a great way to start your morning.

another great way to start your morning is by waking up next to someone you love. sorry boys, but i believe i'm taken. and hopefully for a while. last night jared said something to me that really made me sad. so i got all quiet and pensive like i always do when i'm sad. he noticed, and kept bugging me til i talked to him about it. turns out i just misunderstood him!

he asked me why i was so afraid to talk to him about this stuff. well, duh, it's because i don't want to scare him away! and he finally said what i've been waiting to hear for a long time, "you're not going to scare me away, i promise". after a long talk of this nature, and me almost crying (cause i'm a girl) i finally went to sleep, peacefully, and happily.

by the way Beerfest is a funny movie. not one i'd want to own though. not as good as SuperTroopers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Napoleon Bonapug

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(click on picture for more puggidy goodness)

i swear one day i'll have one.

Monday, August 28, 2006

uhh.. oops?

so how about last night i was playing poker over at jared's and i was drunk and i accidentally told jared that i love him.


Friday, August 25, 2006

cleaning house

i was going through my pictures on my computer and cleaning out some of the junk, and i found a few pictures that made me laugh, so i thought i'd share!

uploaded for myspace:

i got crazy one day in sagebrush:


here's one just because it's sexy:

in prep for next saturday:

and a throwback:

okay one more, here's a picture i found today of my favorite phantom of the opera, gerard butler:

i'm bored. but tonight i'm working with jared. again. i still get giddy anticipating seeing him. :)

tomorrow night: work, then poker.
sunday: fantasy draft, and.. well.. that's it!

have a good weekend yall.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

thanks ona!

got my $2.00 POTC shirt in the mail today!


it's about damn time.

oh well

after considering everyone's comments, i've decided not to notify the police about the crack dealer. it seems like most of the time, bad people like that eventually get their come-uppins. i just hope that i hear about it when he does go to prison. and i hope that once there, he becomes some dude's bitch. that would be superb.

i've been having a lot of fun lately adjusting to having two cats and a dog in the condo. i'm starting to think maybe i DON't want a dog. not for a while anyway. my mom's trying to find a home for a 5 year old boston terrier. i wouldn't mind. they are beautiful dogs. and a 5 year old already knows how to behave, and has it's shots and is housebroken.. but.. i'm not ready yet. not until i KNOW i can walk it 3 times a day. which basically means, when there's no second job. that's what i love about cats. you don't have to pay that much attention to them once they're past the kitten stage. hell, you can leave em for a couple days with food and water and they're fine. not that i've had to do that with meatwad or anything. that's the benefit of having roommates. carmen is nice enough to feed meatwad for me on the mornings i'm not home.

the next few weeks are looking to be pretty cool. this weekend is the brush fantasy football draft. there is a big poker tourney at ace the corvetter's place, which i really hope jared will go to with me. that would be especially fun since ace's brother, who i hooked up with on new year's, will be there. ha!

then next thursday jayrod and i are going to asheville for the last thirsty thursday game of the season! fun! and on saturday katie and i are going to Raleigh for the big NC State/Appalachian game! woo! we don't actually have tickets, but we're going anyways, in hopes of "finding" some outside the gates.

i bought an Appalachian car flag yesterday in Boone, just so i could show some spirit on the way to Raleigh.

and today, i got my ticket for the Buccaneers/panthers game in November!



Monday, August 21, 2006

karma dilemma

let's get serious here for a minute. i'm going to talk about crack. crack is a vile dispicable drug that ruins people. it ruins families, it ruins lives. crack can turn even the smartest kid into a disgusting, putrid excuse for a human being that will stop at nothing to get money for more crack.

crack is the biggest reason why my family is so damn disfunctional. it happened when i was in middle school and early high school. my brother was a crackhead. my oldest brother. it took us forever to get through it. it took lots of money, a divorce (my parents), jail time, and the hatred of his fifteen year old sister (not to mention the rest of his family) for him to get through it. but we finally did and by the time i was 18 we were pretty much okay.

then, about 2 years ago, right before i moved to hickory, it happened again. this time, it ended HIS marriage. it caused him to go bankrupt. he lost his house, he only sees his young daughter every other weekend or so. his family, which finally learned to trust him again, lost any and all hope of that ever happening again. i went for a month without speaking to him. i didn't even want to see him.

but eventually things seemed to brighten. he went to live with my dad up in the mountains and that seemed to get him out of it. my family is apparently over it. but deep down i still can't stand him. i don't like to talk to him or be around him for extended periods of time. my own brother and i can barely force myself to love him.

so what would you do if you found yourself in the following situation, having had this happen to your family:

i was at o'chuck's restaurant the other night with a bunch of people from the brush. we were all talking and having fun and blah blah blah. one of the cooks who i don't know real well was there, and having a few drinks. he starts to tell me a story about some bullshit or another, but starts it out by telling us that he sells crack. crack! i stopped his story right there and asked him why. he said it was for the money. i tried to explain to him that crack ruins people and families. i'm pretty sure i said something about how crack makes people's loved ones wish they were dead.

ok, so i had had 2 or 3 mixed drinks at this point. but i still stand by trying to make him feel bad. i don't think it worked though. jared was trying to keep me tame. and it's a good thing he was sitting between me and the crack dealer because i definitely think if i had kept going i would have had to punch him. and i've never in my life punched someone i wasn't related to.

would it be wrong of me to notify the police that someone has admitted to me that they're a crack dealer? i know his name, where he works and what kind of car he drives.

the brush would have to hire a new cook. and i'm pretty sure at least jared would know it was me. but he told me he wouldn't care if i told the police (he doesn't like the guy either).

so what would you do?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

some fun links..

thanks to gorillamask

X-Rays are fun

10 bartender myths

yawning celebrities

and here's one from fark that really hits close to home.


Monday, August 14, 2006


i thought of a subject. this is muy muy importante!!!

what should i go as for halloween yall?
don't say pirate.. that's a cop out. i went as a pirate last year.. and two years before that.. i need something else.

it's always difficult to find that one perfect costume. but i must do it!

to get you started here are a few past costumes:

last year:
yarrrrr captain red poon

year before:
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Allison as Tom Petty as The Mad Hatter

so you see, i need something equally awesome as these.

hmm... blogging block...

i don't really have anything to write about because things seem to be going so good for me right now. my test results from my surgery came back great, so i'm no longer worrying about that. both my jobs are treating me pretty good. it's getting busy again at the brush as school is starting back. carmen moved in with me over the weekend and we're already having a blast as RE-roomies. it's been since may of 2003 since we lived together! too long! the only problem is, cheddar (her cat) HATES meatwad and barely comes out of carmen's room. won't eat or anything! i hope she gets over the trauma soon.

meatwad is going tomorrow (tuesday) to be nuetered! yay! maybe he'll calm down some then.

and things seem to be going pretty good with jared. i'm starting to worry that i may like him too much. i think about him all damn day. and anytime i haven't talked talked to him in like 20 hours, i freak out and think something must be wrong. that's not normal. i'm probably over thinking things wayyyyyyyyyyy too much. gah! stop it!

um.. anywho...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



good news

went back to the g-doctor today and all is well. my test results came back good! so i am officially back to normal. at least, as far as that goes. i still feel weird occasionally.. but i'm ignoring it.

remember that wedding i went to a few weeks ago?
they finally posted the wedding pics on the website. here's my favorite one, which shows how much i want to get married:

i'm like, sarcastically reaching for the bouquet. and i'm more interested in my beer than anything else.

Monday, August 07, 2006

meatwad's soon-to-be-ex nuts

is it wrong that i'm excited about taking my cat to be neutered next week?
he's only 4.5 months old, but i think it's time. carmen's moving in next week, and cheddar has not been spayed, so this is the best thing. of course, they are moving in on the 12th, and the appointment isn't until the 15th. but i think as much as cheddar hates meatwad, there won't be any copulation. i hope. i also hope against hope that this will calm him down. i love him so much, but he is a mean little fucker. i have scratches like all over body from where i'll just be sitting on the couch and he'll run up and claw me and then run away. i yell at him, which i know does nothing. i don't know what else to do. i'm also thinking that with cheddar and bertha (the dog) moving in with carmen, that this will calm him down some too. after carmen moves, i may get meatwad a friend. we'll see. i really want a pug, but i can't do this until i quit sagebrush. i have to dedicate time to the beast.

things seem to be going great with jared. except he doesn't like the nickname of big pete. he thinks it's weird. so i guess i'll just call him jared.

dustin (OMG!) texted me last week for the first time in months. i was at jared's when he texted me. i'm sure i know what he wanted (booty call). but i've got a main squeeze now. so i told him that. and i'm sure that disappointed him. too bad for him. i just now typed something comparing the two. but then i remembered that dustin used to read this blog... maybe still does... so i erased it. i'm not going to be mean. i'll just say i wish that me and dustin could be friends. but JUST friends.

i'm tired.

wednesday i have a follow up appointment at the G-doctor. she'll be telling me any results from the biopsy, and also telling me whether or not i can "resume normal activity". it's been a LONG 2 weeks. i hope i get good news.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

scariest/creepiest/craziest pirate video i've seen.

do you think they really danced like that?

stolen from RockStarMommy


funny list of men's rules. SO true.

scratch that...

all is well :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

last night sucked.

so last night flat out sucked. i did get to see carmen for a few minutes, so that was good. but then i went to the brush. to see big pete. at first things were fine. he was his normal, happy-go-lucky self and even made me kiss his cheek in front of everyone. i sat down at a table and ordered a burger. still good. then, a fellow brusher came in, with 4 little kids and 3 other adults. a party of 8. normally this would be fine. but it was 9:30. we close at 10. big pete was the only one left on, so of course he had to wait on them. he also had to wait on the three other tables that were there, and me. again, normally this would be fine. but there were 4 little kids. little kids leave messes. also, since there were 8 of them, they had to sit at a party table, and not in big pete's ACTUAL section. even though it wasn't his section, he still had to clean it up all by hisself and sweep everything. he wouldn't have had to do this if they hadn't come in. i'm sorry, but that's just flat out rude. especially when you work somewhere. it's different if you're ONE person (like me) and you're going to make little to no mess. but 8? with 4 little kids? rude.

so then when they FINALLY left at 10:30, big pete brought out a big pan to start bussing the tables. naturally, i walked over to the table and tried to help. he said "i got it". normally he lets me help. then, he wouldn't talk to ANYBODY in there. i kept trying to get him to say something.. anything.. but to no avail. he was in a FOUL mood and obviously i wasn't helping. so finally i just left. i did tell him i was leaving and that if he felt like it he could text me later or something. then he gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. i know he wasn't pissed at me, he was pissed at his situation. but i've NEVER seen him like that. it made me sad and scared.

so of course i didn't hear from him so at midnight i went to sleep. well, tried to go to sleep. i couldn't really because i couldn't stop thinking about things. then, i finally fell asleep. then at 12:45 he called me and apologized for being mean to me. he still wouldn't really talk.. and i could tell he was still in a foul mood, but i still felt better definitely knowing he wasn't pissed at me.

anyways i'm going to try to get him to hang out with me tonight. hopefully he'll be in a better mood!

pissy boys suck!