Monday, June 19, 2006


well it was another long and fun weekend (Mostly) but now i'm soooooooooooooooo tired and worn out. i would have to say my weekend started thursday with the carowinds trip with katie! that was awesome. the best part was when katie told me they served BEER at carowinds. after i drank 2 beers, we rode the BORG assimilator. that couldn't have been more fun.. especially doing the 'superman' upsidedown.. good stuff! that ride really does rock. after leaving carowinds, we headed back to hickory to catch the rest of the crawdad's game with a whole bunch of COG people. thirsty thursdays really are the best. then for even MORE fun we all headed to ham's afterwards.

friday was a long day of working two jobs, but it ended well with jared (big pete), me and B (who drove in from durham) going to O'charlie's and then back to my place. good times :).

sunday B and i went to a wedding in jamestown, nc at this castle place. that was pretty fun. i really like going to weddings with B. we always have fun dancing the night away. as soon as the photographer puts the pictures on the internet, i'll show you some pictures of us dancing. the most awesome part was my dress. we went to jcpenney that day (last minute, thanks to brad) to buy him a pair of dress pants. while we there i figured i'd look around, and i found this awesome dress, for $30.00! woohoo! i LOVE it. makes me feel purty! had so much fun wearing it to the wedding, that when we got back to hickory at 11:00 i made brad go to Splassh, a nightclub in hickory, so we could go dancing. that may not have been the best idea as i was the worst dancer there. i never said i was good! but it's also hard to do that kind of dancing in a dress. note to self: next time i want to go hiphop dancing, wear some f'ing jeans already!

ah well! then yesterday i worked a double! that sucked. except i made decent money. AND i got to hang out all day with big pete. we even ate lunch together on our little break :) awe. starting to really dig this one.. ok i already did really dig him. but now i'm starting to reaaaaaaaaaaaaally dig him.

me at the wedding:
that suit of armor was a perv!


Katie said...

That is such a good picture of you! Even if the knight is feeling you up... I went to a wedding there once- it's so pretty! And I love your dres!!! You must take me to this Splassh place. It's been too long since I went out dancing.

phaupster said...

that's a pretty dress. and you know what you didn't do all weekend? see me! if i'd known that, i would have left mcguires to go to stupid ocharleys. i like jared too...and josh. hopefully, baseball sunday!