Friday, January 12, 2007

good things..

a few good things going on...
-i'm getting new contacts soon to combat the serious dry eye problems i've been having forever.

-i've started bartender training at the brush and next week i will officially be bartender.

-jared has been given a manager job at the brush here in hickory. this is great news since for a very long time there was concern he would be moving to boone.

-sunday katie and i are going to boone for no reason at all! yay! hopefully i'll get to take a bunch of pictures on campus just because i can.

-today i got to see this promotion picture from the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie:
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-and most importantly, it's 12 days into the year and i've completely kept up with my new year's resolutions. one more month and i break my longest relationship ever record.


Sam said...

Sweet, congratulations on all those things. Yay for relationships that last!

Joan said...

Did you see Yosef in Boone? He seems to be missing. Sounds like 2007 is going well for you.

phaupster said...

i got nothing here. glad you had fun in boone. and yay for jared. when is our cranium game going to happen?