Wednesday, January 24, 2007


first things first, the greatest movie of the year, Children of Men, was snubbed by the Oscars. it should win best picture, but now it can't. something is wrong with the world, so now i won't even be watching the oscars. :P

ok on to my story. when i was a senior in high school, i worked at an independently owned pizza restaurant in Concord, NC called Pi-zons. it was owned by a couple from New York, and they certainly were the epitomy of New York attitude. AND they were hardcore NASCAR fans.

here is the owner, ronnie tornatore, and his two horrible daughters with their car:

blech. i'm not a big fan of nascar. or racing in general, which is ironic since i grew up in kannapolis, home of dale earnhardt.

anywho. i had a fun time at this job because i learned to cook all sorts of italian things and i learned how to make NY style brick oven pizza. it was awesome. i could toss dough, and i could spin it on my hand in the air. i was cool.
halfway through my senior year, a guy named mikey started working there. mikey was from albany new york, but was not connected with mr. tornatore. he had come to charlotte to work on his music career, but ended up at pi-zons to make extra money. he was 4 years older than me and i LOVED him. i mean, he was 6'2", slightly skinny, sideburns, dressed cool, AND he had a cool accent. talk about dreamy mcdreamersons.

i lusted after him for 6 months but was too shy to ask him out. i was EXTREMELY sweet to him too, which, any guys who's ever dated me will tell you, i am Overly sweet to boys i like. i did everything i could to make him happy, and i wasn't even dating him.

after a few months, however, adam came to work at pi-zons and 3 weeks later, we were dating.. so.. my crush for mikey was halted. then, about a month before i moved away to college, mikey moved back to new york to go back to school. i was disheartened to say the least, even though i no longer wanted him, i still thought he was super cool. as a going away present for him, i made this really awesome scrapbook with pictures of all of us and it was cool. i hope he still has it...

so then i went away to college. and discovered the magic of the internet. i was a late internet bloomer (i was CONVINCED the internet was a fad). when mikey had moved away, he failed to leave any contact info for us, and i was so sad about this. upon discovering the internet, i searched for a long long time for him. do you know how many people in albany, ny have the same name as him? like 20. i gave up after a while. but every few months or so, i'd look again. this was in 2000. eventually, i gave up altogether.

but last week, i was bored at work (which i am so often!) and i remembered something that triggered a mikey memory. then i got on myspace, the haven for anyone trying to find anyone, and i searched for him.

and there he was. mikey, in all his gorgeous glory. still hot. still making music. he's still in albany, and he's in a band! i sent him a message, and i got a reply! so now, thanks to myspace, i've reconnected with one of my absolute favorite people from the past! i hope we can remain friends for a while this time, thanks to the magic of the internet.

here he is:

and here is his myspace.
i have a bunch of pictures of him from concord, and i'll find a good one to put up for ya tomorrow.
i love myspace.


Sam said...

Damn, I wish I could sing like that. Maybe I should take voice lessons or something.

Katie said...

Nice! Well done with the cyberstalking!