Friday, January 26, 2007

if i had $240 million.

Obviously, the first thing I would do would be pay off my mortgage, student loans, car, and credit cards.

-I'd give $10 million to the Queen Anne's Revenge Project.

-I'd give $20 million to Carmen, because she said she'd do the same thing if the situation was reversed.

-I'd probably give my other friends money too.. we'll see :)

-I'd take all of my friends on a Caribbean cruise.

-I'd buy a Saturn Sky.

-I'd learn to scuba dive.

-I'd learn to skydive.

-I'd buy a great camera, and learn how to take great pictures.

-I'd hire a 24 hour personal trainer and chef.

-I'd set my nieces up with college funds.

-I'd finally get DVR.

-I'd buy a house in Malibu, Boone, Vermont, and somewhere foreign.

-I'd visit every single continent, starting with Africa (starting with Egypt).

-I'd buy some antique stuff!

-I'd hire a fashion expert.

-I'd buy a pug.

-I'd probably quit my job.. definitely quit the brush.

-I'd buy Jared a new car :)

-I could keep going here forever and ever..

what would you buy?


phaupster said...

i'm glad you love me. i'd use some of the $20 mil to travel with you if you'd let me. and, so we don't have to stop being neighbors, we buy big huge houses right next to each other. i'd give at least a million to hct, to build a children's theatre, and then i'd try to be in charge of that. and i'd buy lots of chocolate. and outback. let's go to jamaica when this money rolls in...let's go and stay till we're tired of it. working tonight?

Sam said...

Firstly, I'd make sure that all my family and friends were taken care of for the rest of their lives. Second, I'd keep like 10 million for myself just to make sure I could live comfortably and travel and do pretty much anything I wanted for the rest of my life. Then I'd give whatever was left to charity.

carmenphaup said...

that's very nice of you sam. i'd give some to charity...probably start a home for pregnant girls that don't want to have abortions but can't keep the baby. that would be good, right?

Katie said...

Laser hair removal!!!

Allison said...

oh yea! almost forgot that! kind of a given though, just like all the plastic surgery i'm gonna get (like ginormous boobs!) j.k. (about the boobs)

carmenphaup said...

i'm with you katie! could learn to scuba dive and get a pug for not too much cash. you should do that now!

carmenphaup said...

also...check out the ol' picture of harry potter with a horse on dlisted.

Allison said...

yea, he's actually hot in those pics.

Stephen said...

Haha, I love how you made a blog about you having a ton of money and all of the sudden it has more comments than just about any other blogging!

Allison said...

bite me.

Stephanie said...

I'd buy a house in the California Bay Area - I could probably get something small in a nice neighborhood for that much.


A house in CA
Pay off USF loans
Definitely for that personal trainer and chef
Travel to Europe
Donate to local theatres