Friday, January 05, 2007

Top Fiver!

As it is the beginning of a new year, I'd like to briefly reflect on the last year. 2006 was a really positive year for me. A lot of wonderful things happened for me, things that I wouldn't want to forget any time soon.

On that note, here is a list of my top five happenings of 2006. Just know it was a tough decision and some of my other wonderful happenings were only left off because I am too lazy to come up with 10. :)

So here goes:

Number 5: It's a tie between: a)My tubing adventure. This doesn't seem like something that would be in my top five since it was just one afternoon among many glorious and wonderful drunken afternoons in my past year, but it is. Something about floating down the river, a six-pack of Bud Light tied to your raft by a string, without a care in the world for three hours at a time, it's just so relaxing and so... peaceful. The fact that I was there with a lot of my close friends really made it all that much better. Pictures
happy birthday katie!

and b) my New Years Eve Squared party which was just a few days ago at my condo. This is especially awesome because ALL of my closest friends were there. All of the people I love were kind enough to come to my house for a little throw down. Only one or two people that I care about weren't there and that is mainly due to distance. A good time was had by all due to alcohol, karaoke, and of course, my hot tub. :) Pictures

Number 4: The Appalachian National Football Championship. As I've said before, it rocked. I can still feel that rush of pride, exhiliration, and all over sunshine-goodness that came when we scored that last touchdown and we knew that were once again national champions. The fact that I was there first hand to witness it all made it that much more special. I will never forget the amazing smells, sights and sounds of that day in Chatanooga. Pictures
Stephen and me.

Number 3: My trip to Savannah. A girls weekend in Savannah with nothing to do but drink, sight-see, drink, dance, ghost-hunt and drink. Could there possibly be any better to way to spend a long weekend in October? I think not. Katie, Andrea, Erica and I had an absolute blast and I wouldn't change a thing about the weekend (except to maybe somehow get rid of that hangover I had on the way back). Pictures
our haunted pub crawl tour guide.

Number 2: Buying a Condo. Becoming a first-time homeowner is pretty damn big deal. I don't really need to add much to this. Except that with my Condo comes 2 other wonderful things: getting Meatwad! and having Carmen move next door! I really do have it made there. Something about owning your own place makes you really feel whole inside. Pictures
the ungodly ugly kitchen

Nubmer 1: Meeting Jared. Obviously. Meeting someone who makes me feel so special and loved couldn't possibly be topped by anything, not even a new condo. I met him on Valentine's Day when he first worked at the Brush. On April 10th we went out for drinks and had a good time. And then on May 22 we had our "first date". My trip to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg is included in this one. I won't bore you with all the details. Just know he's my sunshine. I only hope I can keep up with my New Year's resolutions. Pictures
us, christmas 2006

And there you have it. I've had a great 2006 and I can only hope I have an amazing 2007 to go along with it. Although, I accidentally did laundry on New Year's Day so who knows how this year will be...

*On a side note, I take a LOT of pictures. I didn't even realize when I was making this list that were pictures (granted, some were from Katie) of all the major events IN SETS on my flickr page.


Katie said...

YAY 2006!!! It was a fun year. :) Maybe I'll make a list too. Maybe...

Allison said...

so now you can comment from work? yay!!! i think you should definitely make a list!!