Wednesday, August 29, 2007

beefcake is a bad boy.

This morning as I was putting in my contacts, Beefcake jumped up on the bathroom counter. I already had Rightie in and was picking Leftie up out of the solution. That is when Beefcake decided to get in my face and say "WHERE IS MY FOOD HO!?" I shooed him away and as he turned, his tail caught Leftie and sent it flying off into oblivion.

After searching and scouring (with one good eye) for a good 10 minutes (I was already late) I gave up and got a new Leftie out of the box. Unfortunately, this is my last Leftie.

My contacts are Torric for Astigmatism and cost $250.00 for a year's supply. That's 4 each of Leftie and Rightie. I got these in March. That means that this Leftie is going to have to last for 7 months. Yikes. I guess that's what happens when you tear one, then you decide you'll throw away a pair because they're "kind of blurry", and then you have a bad kitty that gets in your face.

I have 3 Righties left including the one I'm using currently. Why is it always the Leftie?

No bueno.

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Joan said...

He's not the only one being bad. Lately, his sis has done a few bad things herself. I guess they are at that age.