Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Um, so when did going to the beach become more about the touristy stuff than the actual beach? It's like that because it's too freaking hot to actually spend that much time on the beach. Our hotel room was right across the street from the beach, which was nice. Only problem was the bugs. There was this strange purple bug with white legs that kept crawling around in our room. The guy at the hotel claims there is nothing to be done about them because it's the beach, but that they won't hurt us. I still don't like it. I somehow manage to get a little sleep all three nights, even though I'm constantly worried I'll find one crawling on me in my sleep. I didn't. On the way Jared confessed he woke up 2 times with them crawling on him in the bed. Grr.

But other then that bit of South Carolina-ness, our trip was great. We did the usual touristy stuff:
-Went to Hard Rock Cafe
-walked around the "strip" in south myrtle
-went the awesome Ripley's Aquarium (with the walk through shark tank)
-walked around Broadway at the Beach (shopped)
-walked around Barefoot Landing (shopped)
-went to Dick's Last Resort and were insulted
(they made me a hat that said "It's true what they say about Redheads)
(Jared's hat said "She has my balls in her purse" hehehe)
-had our picture taken with a baby tiger (all proceeds supposedly go to T.I.G.E.R.S. tiger habitat)
-hung out on the beach

And we did one really cool non-touristy thing, we went to a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game. This was especially cool because it was Friday night, they won, and they had great fireworks afterwards.

The best part was of course being with the Jared. We didn't get annoyed with each other, snippy, or emotional (I'm a cryer), the whole time! Just happy. :)


KariBeri said...

I like that hat "my balls are in her purse". Im gonna have to get one for kirk.

Joan said...

Vacationing and not getting annoyed - that's quite an accomplishment. The hats are funny.
We're the guys glad to see you when you returned or mad? Good luck with Beefcake's snip next week. Chloe's vet wants to wait until she's 6 months old.

Allison said...

the boys were happy to see me, but they had a great caretaker while i was gone (katie!)

i agree that female cats should be older before they're fixed.

Katie said...

At least you had a hotel room- you couldv'e gone camping in that heat!!! We had fun taking care of the kitties. :)