Monday, August 13, 2007


Warning: This post is about Football.

Even though I had a pretty God awful week with "As the Brush Turns" (as Joan calls it) (which I am getting over now, I think..), I had something to smile about on Friday night.

Football season is back, and my beloved Buccaneers won their first preseason game against the New Egland Patriots. Yesss! This year is going to be a bit different since a) my favorite player is definitely (well 99%) sure he won't be playing ever again due to neck injury number 5,4039u4093. And b) they fired one of their best defensive players and he's NOT happy about it.

My beloved Buccaneers won the Superbowl in 2002, and since then they have yeilded nada. They barely made it into the playoffs once since then, but it was mostly technicality. I say it every year, but this will be the year they come back!

If only they could pull things off like the Mountaineers! Two Championships in a row, and this year looks just as good for them. Why? Because they have pretty much the same lineup of fantastic players.

Why is it when the Bucs won their superbowl, they traded half their good players? The team that WON them the championship is now all but gone as only 3 of the great ones are left, and one is on neck injury number 5,23980980.

I love football season. I have 2 fantasty football teams (which will be drafting next week), one awesome college football team to watch (Appalachian) and one mediocre pro football team to watch.

And I love it all!!!


Katie said...

YAY FOOTBALL!!!! Less than 3 weeks 'til Michigan!

Joan said...

I'm so ready for football. Stephen has his first high school game Thursday night though it can be hard to watch your kid getting hit. We're going to Boone for Fan Fest Saturday then the Big House will be our next event.
I'm a bad Panthers fan. I dozed off during their game Saturday night.

Who says girls don't like football!

Allison said...

we should start a "Girls Love Football Too" club!