Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm so glad I have my kitties to keep me entertained.
Beefcake is tasty.
"that beefcake, he's such a t-rex"

I also have Jared. And Carmen. And Katie. And Trivia.
Monday night, Jared finally got to join me for Trivia at McGuire's. We sucked bad. There was a whole round of questions that were the first line of books and we had to name the book. I ended up knowing approximately ZERO of the answers. So I drew a big perveted drawing on the trivia card and handed it in. At least it made Carmen laugh. After I heard the answers, I had only even read one of the books. I had only heard of about five (out of ten) of the books. I don't see that there's anything wrong with that though. I read. Just not those books.

Anywho, everyone there did so badly at that round that she promised to never do that again. hehehe.

Tommorrow, the big huge giant mega awesome National Championship Game! GO APPS!!!!

And on Saturday I can change my ringtone back to something besides the fight song.


Anna Banna said...

Beefwad - Mooom! UR embarrassing me on the internets!

Allison said...

hahahaha This isn't the worst I've ever embarrassed them.

Carmen Eckard said...

any chance of you changing what i have to hear when i call you?

one team got 4 points on that round, 2 teams got 2, and 5 teams or so got no points. so that's out. i just got some new books at the book fair that should help.

i'm glad you're having such a good life, and i'm glad i'm part of it.

is anyone else with me on the star wars you have to listen to to call this chick? i'd like to start a petition.

KariBeri said...

lol.. too funny.. I had a Dr. Evil moment at one of your photos..

" We do not knaw on our kitties! we stroke them! love them!"


Joan said...

Friday - Championship game.

Saturday - meet the bus with national champions inside it when they arrive in Boone.

Sunday - get my life back.

For the record, Chloe keeps me much more entertained than anyone else in my house.