Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Man, have I got a lot going on lately. I'm so excited to be going to a football game! Friday night my team, the Appalachian Mountaineers, are playing in the National Championship against Delaware, in Chattanooga Tennesee. I'm one of the fortunate people who have a ticket, but I'm still looking for one more for my friend Stephen, who is supposed to ride with me.

Last night I went over to Katie's house where we made signs. Here are my two:
My Sign for the Game!
(The other team's mascot is the Blue Hens, and Armanti is our Quarterback)
My funny Sign for the game!
(Corey Lynch is the one who blocked the field goal vs. Michigan)

I have been super busy at work lately, which is awsome. I'm happy about it. I have barely been in my office at all though, it's mostly other towns that need me.

Like Joan, I am really getting into Christmas this year. Sunday I'm going to get all of my shopping done (I hope!!). I have a really awesome present for Jared (and another really awesome idea) but it all depends on Brad coming through for me!

I went to this Christmas party at McGuire's (a pub in Hickory) on Sunday with Carmen and Jon, and I left with an awesome dirty Santa present, a bottle of Amaretto with 2 shotglasses! Yay!

Now, if only I could stop eating so much CRAP!

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Joan said...

We are very fortunate to have such a long football season but I think the constant tailgating has caused me to gain weight.