Friday, December 28, 2007

Things to do this Weekend...

Here's what I need to get done this weekend in order to feel whole inside:

-Take down Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.
-Put away the rest of the Christmas presents.
-Change out litter boxes.
-Buy Groceries and cook at least 1 meal.
-Clean up in the guest bedroom.
-Clean out my car.
-Wash my car.
-Clean up my storage room some.
-Paint and put up new mirrors with coat hooks.
-Find a place to put all of our DVDs.
-Move Zebra chair back to living room.
-Find a place to put Jared's new gas grill.
-Exchange lovely coat for larger size.
-While at the mall exchanging, take a look at some dresses for my office's annual meeting.
-Perhaps go see Sweeney Todd (I really really really want to).
-Watch Buccaneers game.
-Win Fantasy Football Championship Game.
-Go see No Country For Old Men with Daniel and Stephen.

I know I'm forgetting something...

1 comment:

Joan said...

I don't think anyone else in this house knows where the litter box is. Well except Chloe. She's never had an accident.
Good luck. I'm afraid if I made a list, I'd get depressed.