Monday, December 31, 2007

bye, bye, Single Corey Lynch

Corey to-the-Lynch, my favorite Appalachian Football Player, got married today to Cissie Graham, granddaughter of Billie Graham and daughter of Franklin Graham. I bet they'll have a long, happy marriage and have beautiful children and live in a nice house and do wonderful things for their community.


At least I can say I knew him when.. I mean.. we ARE facebook friends after all. So what if he adds anybody who asks..

And I'm still going to try to convince Jared to name our son after him.


Joan said...

David says if he ever sees Corey again he will tell him that we got married on New Year's Eve, too.
I'm not having anymore children but I'm thinking another cat and name him Corey. It sounds good with Chloe.

Hannah said...

HI this is the #1 fan Of Corey Lynch I think he is the most awesomest football player in the world because of what he has done here at Appalachian and at Michicigan because he brought down the Big House along with all his other team mates. Dont you wish Corey Lynch, Dexter Jackson, and kevin Richerdson were here for the 2008 season of football. WOW!!!! wouldnt Appalachian Be the most awesomest, outstanding Football team in AMERICA!!!! Oh yeah well thats all you need to here about the most Awesomest Football team in the Whole world!!!!