Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, I did almost everything on my To-Do List. I did not clean my car and wash it, what with the rain and all. And I didn't win my fantasy football championship. But hey, I did everything else.

Sweeney Todd was an excellent movie. The little boy in it is SO good. And of couse Johnny had me reeling.

No Place For Old Men is also an excellent movie. Very Very good. Oscar good. I certainly hope the guy who plays the killer wins some kind of award for it.

Today they are at my house installing a new, HD dish. YAY! Now I can watch HIDEF Johnny.

Plans for New Years: Leave work at 3 to go to the doctor, then go home and play poker til around 10 pm, then watch HIDEF ball dropping. yippee!

New Years Resolution: Cook More, Maintain Diet, Be Happy and Be Myself.
See you next year!


Carmen Eckard said...

guess what woke me up this morning! oh-i know-a very very loud drilling right outside my window at 8:30 by the satellite guy. that sucked.

i'm not playing poker till 10. jon would be grumpy for the whole night if i played that long. i plan on taking all the money at the table except yours by 7, then splitting the pot with you.

although...i haven't played at all in 2007, so i'll probably suck.

i borrowed your straightener:)

Carmen Eckard said...

and what is the deal with the us map on your flickr? what is it? besides the us. i can tell that part.