Monday, June 16, 2008

Short Little Arms

So, I have recurring nightmares. Only, they're not your standard recurring nightmares. When most people think of recurring nightmares, they think of having the same nightmare over and over again. My recurring nightmares are always different except for one, major, similarity in them: T-Rex.

Yep, T-Rex, the prehistoric dinosaur. T-rex, the giant man-eating beast that died out millions of years ago. That T-Rex. He's always chasing me, always finds me. He can sniff me out no matter where I'm hiding.

Last night I had another T-Rex dream. Me and my lesbian girlfriend (I don't know, weird dream) were running around trying to find places where T-Rex couldn't find us.

Eventually, we ended up in a boat, which is a new one for my nightmares (so is being a lesbian). Turns out, T-Rex can't swim. At least he can't according to my sub-conscious. Those short little arms are not conducive to swimming. Not even the doggie paddle.


Sam said...

Did this start before or after Jurassic Park was released?

Lovey said...

:) My recurring nightmare involves GI Joe, Cobra, my dad's riding lawn mower, and rotten cottage cheese. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in the weird category!

As for the job, end of July. Then a 2 week break for vacation, then school. Again. Thanks for asking!

Sam said...

This is going to sound really weird, but my reoccurring nightmare when I was younger involved silver balls. For whatever reason it was imperative that I keep up with these balls. The problem was, everything in my dreamworld would constantly shift size. I specifically remember one instance where I was holding one of the balls in my hand and it was about the size of a baseball, but then I started growing and the ball became so small that it slipped through my fingers and I lost it. I also remember one where the ball was gigantic and I was constantly in danger of being crushed. I used to wake up in a cold sweat after these dreams.

I was a weird kid. I all the sudden stopped having those nightmares after about age 12. I haven't really had any reoccurring nightmares since, unless you count the zombie dreams, but I don't really consider those nightmares. ;)

Joan said...

Wow. I really have no comment on this post. My recurring dream is the one a lot of people have: it's finals and I realize I haven't gone to class all semester. Also, I can't remember my locker combination.