Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stolen from Carmen, Who Stole it from Leesepea

I'm copying Carmen's survey, only I'm changing the rules, I'm only going to use pics from my flickr. I think...

1: Favorite Food?
Yummy ummy Steak Roquette

Steak. Medium Rare Steak. Red Meat. It also helps if there's a heaping pile of homemade mashed potatoes or Carmen's baked potatos too (just like she made for Jared and I last night).

2: Least favorite food?
hi starfish
Seafood. Who would want to eat that?

3: Favorite thing?
Hard to say, I guess right now I will go with my cameras.
my shades kick ass.

4: Least Favorite Thing?
big ass spider.

6: A phobia?
Besides spiders..
View 5
Heights.. scare the bejesus out of me.

7: An addiction?
foggy goodness
Chocfee, coffee and chocolate, every weekday.


Katie Bonk said...

Heights? But you love roller coasters!

Carmen Eckard said...

It's better with your own pictures! And you straight up always make the baked potatoes. All I did was wash them. Didn't know that was your favorite. I'm glad that is what we ate last night!