Monday, June 30, 2008

Cheap Sunglasses

Lately I've had a superb knack of losing sunglasses. Or breaking them. In the last month I have broken 3 pairs and lost another pair.

This past Tuesday when I broke that 3rd pair, I was on my way to GPSn (well, I thought I was GPSn!) which meant I needed to have sunglasses! I have sensitive eyes due to my hardcore astigmatism. So, I ran into the gas station real quick and grabbed the cheapest pair I could find, which are these:

Now, I'm fully aware that these are the ugliest pair of sunglasses ever. They look terrible on me. But since I had to buy them for $7.99 (yes, that was the cheapest!) I am going to wear them anyways!

The thing is, these sunglasses might seem dorky to you, but Dylan Mckay thinks they're styling:

I also saw Brandon Walsh wearing them. If Dylan and Brandon think these sunglasses are cool, well then dammit, they are cool.


Katie Bonk said...

Dylan McKay would look got in a trash bag. And they don't look that bad on you. Maybe you'll bring back eyewear of the early 90s.

Carmen Eckard said...

I was going to say that those are terrible, but then, who am I to argue with Dylan?

Joan said...

My cheap pair of sunglasses that I had for 2 years just broke. If they had been expensive, I would have lost them within the first 3 months. I think you look very cool.

Lovey said...

Can't wait for the new 90210 to come out -- and yes, I'm older than 11. ;) Of course, I was 11 when the original came out, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Anonymous said...

You do realize Dylan McKay's sunglasses are Ray Bans, don't you? My boyfriend has the exact same pair, and believe me, they were not $7.99. It's cool that you found a cheap replica, though.