Saturday, June 21, 2008

So I've been repainting my kitchen for a couple of months now..

I tore down wallpaper, primered and painted the walls. Then, I've been slowly taking down cabinet doors and repainting those.

Things have been going pretty good and I've been pretty happy with my results so far.

Today, I decided to start on some more cabinet doors. The thing is, I've been working on the upper level of doors. The one I took down today did not go so well. It works a lot better if the door is closed completely, so that when you take out the last screw, it doesn't fall easily.

This one, was not closed all the way. As I got to the end of the last screw, the whole door came crashing down on the counter, then down to the floor. On the way, it made a stop on my middle toe.

The damage:
Broke the Cabinet Door..
I have no idea how I'm going to fix this. IF I can fix it.

Hurt My Toe Pretty Bad.
I don't think it's broken, but it's bruised and cut and it hurts real bad!
I'm such a klutz!

I really hope I can continue with this kitchen without any MORE broken things.


Carmen Eckard said...

Poor baby. Maybe they have original cabinet doors in the storage room under the building. It's a possibility.

Joan said...

Looks like my toe after I got flip out of a kayak and hit a rock. I kept a bandaid around it like you are doing in the picture. It took a while before it was no longer sore - maybe a month. Good luck.

Lovey said...

Hey - it wasn't a sink, right? Poor toe!! Hope it feels better soon!
And I think I HATE home improvement projects now. Seriously. I'm proud of you for getting as much done as you have! Wanna share your knowledge in Greensboro??