Tuesday, June 24, 2008


7:30 am: Hear the telltale "bedom" of my cell phone being taken off of the charger. Only, we were both asleep. And then in my sleepy stupor I realized that the air conditioner and fan had cut off too. Power Outage.

So reluctantly, I got up and got ready for work in the dark. On a normal day this would be fine, but on Tuesdays I am outside so I must heavily spatter myself with my favorite sunblock (the jelly bean SPF 50 stuff). This requires being able to see, which means I had to find a sunny spot and mirror in my condo. This can be difficult in a condo with only 3 windows. I managed, though.

Then I drove to Morganton, which is a 25 minute drive from home, to where I work on Tuesdays (outside in the heat). I noticed when I arrived that my coworker Tom's truck was not in the parking lot. I went inside thinking maybe he was either late or driving a different vehicle. I go inside, no Tom. I call Tom. Turns out, it was implied that we would not be GPSn today due to the 4:00 pm reception for my retiring head boss today.

I don't know if any of you have figured this out about me yet, but I'm not real big on things being implied.

In fact, I just want the facts, darn it. Some of us (ahem, ME) are not good at picking up on implied things. I'm kind of slow with that sort of thing. How am I supposed to know anything if nobody tells me these things!!

Well on the positive side, I don't have to be outside in the heat all day today, and I still get paid the travel to go to Morganton and back. I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out to be one of those really bad days where just when things are looking up, you get a phone call that the thing that you were really hoping would happen for you isn't going to happen. Yes, I'm referring to the big thing that I was talking about before.


Sam said...

I am the exact same way and I HATE when people do that! I'm horrible at taking hints so if you need or want me to do something, you pretty much have to tell me directly. 99% of my former girl problems were because of this... it's annoying!

I mean, we're not stupid, I'm sure at some point you thought, "Hey, was it implied that we're not supposed to GPS tuesday? Well, I'm not sure, so I better go just in case." We always err on the side of caution. Oh well... what are you gonna do about it. Better safe than sorry. But it sure would be nice if people would be clear about things!

Carmen Eckard said...

I didn't even know the power went out. It's back now, just so you know. Glad you don't have to gps!

Lovey said...

I'm hoping and crossing my fingers for you!!
If it makes you feel better, I'm proud you went to work even tho you didn't have power. I'd totally bail on that until I could take a hot shower. :)