Monday, September 08, 2008


I've gone from having an awful time in LSU to having a fantastic time this past weekend.

Friday night I went with Katie and Daniel to see Cowboy Mouth in Asheville at the Orange Peel. I love to watch Cowboy Mouth live because they always make every show they put on feel like it's their best show ever. Fred, the lead singer makes every person in the room get into it and have so much fun. Awesome. And then we spent the night at Daniel's parents house in Madison County, which was also really cool.

And of course Saturday was when App slaughtered Jacksonville University 56-7. Sweet. After watching that nasty game in Baton Rouge, it was really nice to see us play so well. Of course, since I had gotten so little sleep and then we tailgated for like 15 hours, I actually slept through the first half of the game. But the halftime show and the second half were great!!

Tailgating was especially fun this weekend since, like, everybody was there. We had a lot of fun hanging out and listening to Popcorn Rob tell a story. And I was bad and gave a baby a minibottle of Bacardi.. Of course we didn't let her open it, or drink from it :).

Anywho pictures are here
It's what we do.

But there aren't any game pictures from me, since it was drizzling right before we went into the game, and I didn't want my camera to die.

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Katie Bonk said...

Love, love, love your pictures. And the video made me laugh. A Lot.