Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Throwing up at the Gynocologist.

Don't worry, I'm not really going to talk about the gynecological part of my doctor's visit.

See, a year ago, my gynecologist decided that since I had never had a cholesterol screening, that my next visit (that would be this year) I should have one. She told me to fast after midnight the night before.

Fast forward to Monday. I made the mistake of scheduling that appointment at 4 pm (I like late afternoon appointments). So, I had to go all day with no food or drink. See, since I had never had a screening before, I didn't realize that I was allowed to drink water if I wanted. So no food, no water. This gave me a wicked headache, but I ignored it since taking a Tylenol might have affected the screening. I think.

Anywho so when it came time for them to draw blood from my arm on Monday afternoon, I was a little weak. I told the nurse about the last time I gave blood. And about the first time I gave blood. She asked if I wanted to lay down for the process. I said "no" taking a chance that perhaps it would be like the second time I gave blood, which is the only time I didn't almost pass out.

Bad idea. After about 3 minutes it hit me, as it tends to do. I got all hot and sweaty. The nurse put a bag of frozen peas on the back of my neck, and wiped my face with a wet paper towel. And then, I got really nauseated. And I threw up. In the trash can. This is a new one for me in the giving blood arena. She felt really bad for me and went next door to a vending machine and got me a Coke.

After a while I was fine of course, except the headache didn't go away. The point of the story is, I really shouldn't give blood unless it's absolutely necessary. And I can drink water when I'm fasting.


Anonymous said...

you poor thing! next time do the appointment in the morning so you dont torture yourself!

Anonymous said...

hahah just wait til you (unless you already) have kids... I was the same way with needles til I got pregnant. Then they had to take blood like once a month or even twice sometimes.

Allison said...

I don't have kids yet, but I will someday. It's not really the needles that bother me, it's the drawing blood. Giving once or twice a month sounds awful! I hope I get over that fisrt!