Monday, September 22, 2008


Heartache, that's what Saturday's game felt like. My Apps were like a relationship gone wrong. One of those relationships where everything starts out great and then all of a sudden you're left with a broken heart.

The first half was the buildup. The first touchdown was like the first date. Everything went well; the food was good, the conversation flowed, and you know you're in for more.

The second touchdown was like the first kiss. Soft, sweet, and it left you with a tingly feeling all over, and a smile from ear to ear.

The third touchdown was like the first "I love you". You felt like, this is it! I know I'm good now, and happy for a very long time.

Halftime: that first vacation together, when you're happy, satisfied that things are great, and you're just floating along with life.

Then, in the second half kick-off, you catch your partner in a lie. The other team scores.

A few minutes later, you realize they've been absent, and you start to suspect they're secretly seeing someone else.

And then the next thing you know, you're constantly fighting, constantly bickering, and you realize you're not in love at all.

And when the game ended, and Appalachian was left with a 35-32 loss, you're left heartbroken. A pain in the gut, and a pain in the soul.

The difference between a heartbreak and a football game is, though, next week there is another shot. The relationship will be back on, and the slate is wiped clean, and there will be good times to be had again.

This is why I love football, every week there is a chance for something great. Another first date, another first kiss, and another "I love you".


Anonymous said...

man.. i cant handle that kind of emotional turmoil! i need a hug!

Carmen Eckard said...

You're a weirdo. :)

Katie Bonk said...

You are too funny. And I completely understand every word of this. It's Great to be a Mountaineer.

Joan said...

It can hurt to love them so much.